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Looking for Harem Manga with OP MC? Then You have come at the right place, in this article I’ll share with you Top 10 Best Harem Manga With Badass and OP MC that you shouldn’t miss reading.

Harem manga is a very popular genre among manga readers around the globe. Harem basically refers to a genre where many girls are crazy towards one guy. Oftentimes their stories aren’t that impressive but that is not the main reason that readers read them. Well anyways you are here to look for it then I’ll recommend you some of the best harem manga with OP MC with a great story.

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List of Best Harem Manga With OP MC

  • Slave To The Magic Capital’s Elite Troops
  • Tomin in the Alien World
  • Demonic Housekeeper
  • So Pure, So Flirtatious
  • My Three Thousand Years to the Sky
  • Ore no Genjitsu wa Renai Game??
  • Immortal Swordsman in the Reverse World
  • Boy in a Girl’s School
  • Shameless Mage
  • Girls of the Wild

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10. Slave To The Magic Capital’s Elite Troops

Slave To The Magic Capital's Elite Troops

It is a great suggestion for those who love to read manga overrun with monsters. Monster appear through a gate connecting to alternate world which is referred to as Mato. And the only one who is able to fight them are girls that awaken the power through a peach fruit.

Because of that, the gender equality have now crumbled and women have now higher status to that of a man. The main character here was an ordinary young man. But one day a monster outbreak occurs in front of his house and after getting caught up in that, a warrior girl comes to save him and binds seemed to a slave contract and because of that he gains power.

Now, after he completes his mission, the girl has to fulfill his wishes that he is in mind and they can’t deny it. It’s a great harem manga with op mc. Consider checking it out.

9. Tomin in the Alien World

 Tomin in the Alien World

It is an isekai harem manga where the main character was a villain on Earth, but one day he transfers to another world where the rule of the jungle applies. There he gets unknown dark power which is condemned by others. Slowly and steadily he forces his path to become a general. You will see a lot of war and battles in this harem manga with op mc and aside from that, it has tons of chapter to read from.

8. Demonic Housekeeper

Demonic Housekeeper: best harem manga

Our main character wakes up and finds himself in another world. But instead of getting any special abilities of weapons, his entire house has been teleported with him. He was a comic artist in his previous world and after coming to this world, all of the gadgets and his equipment are now able to charge itself with spiritual energy.

In this new world, this new world starts with this new neighbor. These are Demon will who is sought by many Demon King It is a great fantasy manga that I will highly recommend you try out.

7. So Pure, So Flirtatious

So Pure, So Flirtatious

The protagonist, Ya ng Ming in junior high, was a student with an excellent academic records. However, an accident caused him to walk on the path of corruption and despair. It all happened because of his classroom teacher. One day he and the girl that used to sit with him were summoned to the principal office and he was falsely accused of something that he never did. He changed right after that.

Now at present moment he is in high school with lowest grade. One day he helped an old man and in return he gave him a lens using which he gained several abilities that he uses to change his life. It is a good harem manga with lots of chapters, so do try it.

6. My Three Thousand Years to the Sky

My Three Thousand Years to the Sky

Now this is a very great Cultivation Manga that I have been reading for more than a year now. The main character Bai is the strongest person in the world, but like you seen Cultivation Manga, the cultivators reaches different stages to strengthen themselves.

Our main character is stuck at the first level of Qi cultivation and hasn’t been able to build a Foundation yet. He has spent his 3,000 years to find a way to do that, but all of it resulted in failure. Now when you will start reading it, the first 20 chapters might be a little boring but still continue to read it. You will find it getting better and better.

5. Ore no Genjitsu wa Renai Game??

Ore no Genjitsu wa Renai Game??

One day 25 year old Hasina wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him which is actually a game screen. He has now entered inside of a game and the system panel prompts him to save, load files and the item shop. It also shows, stats and also tasks that he needs to finish. If he fails to clear this game, then he will die in this world and by clearing it he can get one of his wish fulfilled. It is a great harem manga. I will highly recommend you try it.

4. Immortal Swordsman in the Reverse World

 Immortal Swordsman in the Reverse World

Chu Qing a sword export cultivator, 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 years he began his cultivation journey at the time of reaching the realm of eternity. It was not expected that he would should open the Hall of Time and space and return to Earth at the age of 17 years.

But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the Earth he was once lived in. In this world, the roles of men and women are complete opposite. Women are superior to men in this world. Now this new journey in this new world begins. It is a must read harem manga from this list.

3. Boy in a Girl’s School

Boy in a Girl's School

You can already understand about the story after reading the title. Chongnam Girls High School is very well known not only for its good education but for all the graceful and beautiful ladies. Common people unaware of the truth. see it as the heaven. Last year, it suddenly changes policy and started to enroll boys.

But boys are protested by the girls. After they are enrolled, they dropped out in many ways. The boy suffering have now widely spread among people. Since then it has become a heaven for girls and hell for boys. But a poor boy transferred here. Now what will happen to him, ready to find out.

2. Shameless Mage

 Shameless Mage: best harem manga

The world is soon about to change. Monsters will start invading Earth, and people will possess ability. When Juno dust upon the power of Prometheus world, he awakened a maze class and the vision of Earth being invaded. Now, since he awakened an ability before anything has happened, he start leveling up like crazy. And the only way for him to level up is by doing same list thing. You know what I mean, right? This is a great harem manga with op mc he also has a system.

1. Girls of the Wild

Girls of the Wild: best harem manga

Jaegu Song, a teen struggling to take care of his two kindergarten sibling registers on scholarship to Wild high and all Girls private school. That has become coed for purpose of having their female students who are famous for being Champions in martial arts behave like maidens in society. As a sole male student, Jaegu is uncomfortable with the excessive attention from the girls.

To make things worse, he has a run in with the Aloof Queen, who’s the words Wild High tournament Champion. He is befriended by Moohyan Lee Queen’s best friend and the boxing club captain and Alvelo a cute and petite Taekwondo club captain. Although he refuses to follow any of the Queen’s task, he apologizes for his behavior, and the Queen begins developing feelings for him. It is the best harem manga with op mc you will ever find.

A Word From Us

So these were some of the best harem manga we wanted to recommend for this list. Try them out and tell us your experience with them. If you have other recommendation you will like to give then share them in comments.

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