So, are you looking for a manga where MC has a system and is OP? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article I’ll share with you 10 of the best manga where MC has a system and is op.

We also have atleast 50 more manga where mc has a system. You will find them at the end of the post until then you can browse through our this list.


List of Manga where MC has a System and is OP

  • Dreamland Adventure
  • Doomed To Be A King
  • A.I Doctor
  • Rise From The Rubble
  • Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing
  • It Starts With a Kingpin Account
  • The Legendary Mechanic
  • Dr.Don
  • The Boss of Token Exchanging Comics
  • Billion World Invasion

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10. Dreamland Adventure

Dreamland Adventure: Manga where MC has a System and is op

At first glance, the title might not seem that much appealing to you but this manhua is quite great. The main character is an office employee who is looked down on by everyone. One day he awakens a system that issues tasks where the main character is taken to a different world and after completing those quests, he can gain certain abilities. Which he can use in the real world it is quite a great manga where mc has a system and is op, consider checking it out!!!.

9. Doomed To Be A King

Doomed To Be A King

This is a kingdom building manga where mc has a system. The story is about a time traveler, who got himself stuck in a body of a young man who was doing a job in Count’s Palace. Then he gets his system which gives the first mission that is, to leave the palace and settle down, in a Kings Mountain. The system allows him to buy exclusive items, like farmlands rice, skills, and many more things through magic stones and lotteries. Slowly people start getting attracted to the talus. It is quite a good manga, but the art is somewhat lacking.

8. Boss of Token Exchanging System

Boss of Token Exchanging System

This manhwa is similar to Global martial arts and even in that manga mc has a system. The protagonist comes from a very rich family, but his strength is very weak and he can’t perform martial arts. Because of that, everyone looks down on him, but they can’t really do anything to him because he is very rich.

But one day he gets kicked out by his family and someone else takes his place. After that incident, he awakens a system. And by exchanging money, he’s able to increase his strength. Note that he’s not the only person who has a system but other people also have them.

7. Dr.Don

Dr.Don: Manga where MC has a System and is op

The main character wanted to become a doctor in his childhood. But one day two people came knocking on his door and told him that his parents disappeared while working on a project. He was left heartbroken and terrible yet, he still didn’t stop pursuing his dream but you worked half-heartedly and used to spend all of the money on the useless things.

One day, while boarding a cruise, a terrible accident happens with the submarine and the FISH started mutating in the ocean. During this time, something unexpected happens with the protagonist and he awakens a system. Now, the world is slowly about to change, and with the help of the system, the main character will change his life in this chaotic world. It’s a great manga where mc has a system and gets op later on.

6. Billion World Invasion

Billion World Invasion

The world was filled with strong cultivators, but at one time, all of the Dow disappeared, which turned all the cultivators into useless people. Now, since there was no dao left, the cultivators were not able to perform any martial arts technique. The protagonist is also one of these people.

One day, he awakens a system using, which he can transport himself to different worlds and after completing Quest he can use those abilities in the real world. The art of this one is really great and the story is somewhat similar to I am an evil God, do check it out.

5. Rise from the Rubble

Rise from the Rubble

The story is about a boy, whose father was falsely accused of the person responsible for destroying a big city, during a monster outbreak by betraying other Hunters. Now, because of that reason, the protagonist is always treated badly because of being his son, he was mocked by others because he was too weak as a hunter.

Now after he awakens a system during a raid, With this newfound strength in. Now, start searching for the truth of his father’s treason. It is one of the trending manga where mc has a system and is op. The story is also quite good.

4. It Starts with a Kingpin Account

It Starts with a Kingpin Account

The world was suddenly invaded by the monsters and because of that very few people are left alive. Now, the total population is continuing to decline because of sudden monster appears that happens in the city. The protagonist, Ye hao was an outstanding genius during childhood, which everyone looked up to, but as he grew older He gets stuck at the third level and everyone has surpassed him and now his constantly getting bullied.

On his birthday. When all of his family members were celebrating a monster outbreak occurs, and all of his family members are just about to die. Just at this time, he awakens a king system. It is a must-read manga where mc has a system and is op from this list.

3. The Legendary Mechanic

The Legendary Mechanic: Manga where MC has a System and is op

The main character in this manga was one of the top-ranked player of a game and used to work as a booster for other players for the money. One day. While playing the game is suddenly enters inside of the game. At the point of its initial days, he gets stuck as a test subject inside the game by the enemy group of the game.

He starts to spend his day learning new skills to get revenge for all of the technology. Sure he has suffered in the game. This is a great manga where mc has a system and has the memory of everything that is going to happen inside of the game in the future.

2. A.I Doctor

A.I Doctor: Manga where MC has a System and is op

The main character was working in a company that was developing world’s first, AI software that could replace most of the work of the doctors work. But an accident happened and the Machine blew up in which the main character gets caught up. When he was getting treated, a piece of machine gets stuck in his brain. The AI software, a gets integrated to him through that piece and later stats to assist him in becoming the world’s greatest doctor.

1. Trapped in a Web Novel as a Good for Nothing

Trapped in a Web Novel as a Good for Nothing

While working in the office, the protagonist takes a nap and when he wakes up, he finds himself in a body of a villain of the web novel that he used to read. The worst part was the body he was stuck in was a person who will die soon. Now with his memory of the web novel, he starts to implement certain things. That could help him change his fate. There are also Dungeons and Hunters present in this manga where mc has a system too.

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