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Looking for the best action manga with op mc? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll share with you 10 Action manga with insane plots and op mc.

Action is one of those genres of manga that have tons of readers. And it is not without any reason since this is what makes our blood pumping most times, unlike other genres. Then what are we waiting for let’s get into our list of top 10 best action manga with op mc.

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List of Best Action Manga With OP MC

  • The Sacred Ruins
  • Origin
  • Archmage’s Daughter
  • DaxiangWuxing (Taoist)
  • Life Howling
  • Automata
  • I am the Grim Reaper
  • Blood Blade
  • Taming Master
  • List of Villains

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10. The Sacred Ruins

The Sacred Ruins

The earth that the people once knew started to change, monsters attack, and people awakening superpowers changed the whole earth. Our protagonist was a normal human here until one day he awakened the superpower of an ancient demon bloodline. Now after this incident he started to prepare for the change that is about to happen on earth.

Now before you read this I will mention that this is one of the best action manga but Chinese manga often starts getting boring over time but overall it is a decent manhua try it.

9. Origin


The year right now is A.D 2048. Japan is connected to the Eurasian continent by a transcontinental railroad. The capital Tokyo has become a place filled with criminals and terrorists. But there is one person who slaughters all these people mysteriously without anyone noticing it night after night. Most of these people are actually not human and this unknown mysterious person is known as origin himself is not a human.

Try it out this is one of the best action manga with op mc written by the author of dr stone I will highly recommend you try it.

8. Archmage’s Daughter

Archmage's Daughter

Long ago when humankind was on the brink of destruction four heroes appeared and saved the life of everyone. After that incident, one of them became a king and bound all the other heroes with a magic chain that made them unable to use their powers. If the permission is not given by the king they can’t use them at all.

The arc maze was the strongest and his binding was also the strongest. His daughter was taken away by others and was treated very poorly until one day she ran out of that place and went to her dad’s place and there she started getting treated with proper care. try it out it is a pretty good action manga with op mc.

7. DaxiangWuxing (Taoist)

DaxiangWuxing (Taoist)

People not aware of spirits that live in the darkness live their usual life. Oftentimes these spirits are created because of the deep resentment and grudge that they had before dying. The protagonist works for an agency that works for purging all the spirits. This is one of the best action manga with op mc and is filled with spirits that fight against the humans as well as among each other. The art of this manga is pretty great and the story becomes better and better in later chapters.

6. Life Howling

Life Howling

This manga is pretty similar to solo leveling with dungeons and systems. In this action manga, the main character gets teleported into a game world at 2 am every day. There he has to perform tasks and if he fails or dies in the game world he will die in the real-life as well. There are also other people like the protagonist in this world. For me personally, I like this manga more than the gamer you can try it out but remember it has an old art style.

5. Automata


Ten thousand years into the future the human race has evacuated to the moon abandoning the remains of human civilization on earth. To the yora androids, they were created to fight a mysterious race of alien invaders and their army of seemingly mindless machines. 2b is one such android warrior and she joined with an inquest partner 9s.

One day a pair of twin machines arrives, two brothers who go by the names of Adam and Eve. These twins possess frightening intelligence and power that goes beyond the threat the yorha have faced in their millennia-long struggle. The machines are developing characteristics that seem disturbingly human more and more these days. This one is pretty hard to understand when you read it for the first time but it is one of the best action manga with op mc check your out.

4. I’m the Grim Reaper

 I'm the Grim Reaper

On earth, there are bad people and then there are really bad people. If you are one of the latter you don’t just get sent to hell you get sent to hell and get assigned a job collecting souls of the worst people on earth. The protagonist scarlet was brought to the underworld and then there she was assigned the job of the grim reaper.

Her day-to-day work was to collect one soul in a day of people marked with X. But it is a really tough job for her because all these people look so innocent. Overall this webtoon has a pretty great art style and so far I haven’t been able to find any plot holes. A must-read action manga with op mc.

3. Blood Blade

Blood Blade

Vampires live in the dark while humans aren’t aware of them. One day a meteorite struck the earth which changed everything. The usual life of human beings started to change vampires started coming out of the darkness and started slaughtering human beings.

In between all of this our main character red and his fiancee were at the site of the meteorite crash. The meteorite crashed on our main character’s head and it was not a meteorite but actually, a blood crystal that the vampires were looking for. Our main character survived that crash and later becomes the only hope for humanity to survive against the vampires.

2. Taming Master

Taming Master

Kailan is known as the world’s best VR game. A certified game addict well known in the virtual world Lan despite having a level 95 archer character in the top leaderboard of Kailan decided to delete it despite everyone around him telling him not. To convert it to a hidden class he chose the most worthless class in Kailan the summoner class.

If he wants to avoid getting an F in college he needs to level up to his previous level within 2 months. Kailan is notorious for its cruel leveling system where it takes at least a year to reach level 100. Now he starts his struggle to level up like crazy in this VR game.

1. List of Villains

List of Villains: best action manga with op mc

This is so far one of the best recommendations I can give to you. When the people of the world started getting superpowers some people captured others before they awakened and started conducting experiments on them. The main character was also one of these people who was just a normal human who learned few martial arts.

But still to this day, he hasn’t shown any signs of awakening despite all the experiment that has been done on him. Despite that, his name is registered as number one on the top villain list. One day he devised a plan to free himself from that place and comes out to see the changing world.

A Word From Us

So this was our list of Top 10 Best Action Manga With OP MC. All of them have been reviewed by us and they have a good amount of chapters. If there is anything you would like to tell us then make sure to comment down below. We will really appreciate your valuable comments.

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