In this article, you will see the 21+ best manga with leveling up system.

So in recent days many Manga, Manhwa & Manhua has started to feature the main character having a game-like leveling up system. What these Leveling up systems do is show an increase in strength of the main character of any Manga, Manhwa, Manhua in levels and is very helpful to the protagonist.

And these kinds of Manga, Manhwa & Manhua have gained immense popularity among readers.

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Manga with leveling up System List

  • Askr Yggdrasil’s Wood
  • Infinite Level Up In Murim
  • World’s Apocalypse Online
  • History’s Number 1 Founder
  • Solo Leveling
  • Trapped In a Webnovel As A Good For Nothing
  • Greatest Boss System
  • It Starts With A Kingpin Account
  • Level Up Alone
  • Limitless Abyss
  • My Level’s the Best
  • Nano Machine
  • Solo Spell Caster
  • Supreme Mad Emperor System
  • Taebaek: The Tutorial Man
  • Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter
  • Reborn Ranker – Gravity User
  • Transcension Academy
  • I obtained a mythic item
  • Mushroom Hero
  • Top Tier Providence
  • Reincarnated as a fish

Now we will discuss in more detail all of these manga with leveling system. If you are wondering where I read My manga check out this article – Where to read manga

22. Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter

Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter manhwa

The main character of this manhwa was the world’s first SSS rank hunter. He was one of the best hunters, but his personality was really bad that no one liked him. One day when he was traveling he suddenly gets attacked and killed by an unidentified group. Right after dying, he opened his eyes, and he found out that he had returned to the past. 

It is a newly released manhwa with leveling system that you should try out. The art and the story of this manhwa is really good and the main character has all the knowledge of what’s gonna happen in the future.

21. Reborn Ranker – Gravity User

Reborn Ranker – Gravity User manga

The main character was one of the strongest S-rank hunters in the world. His party cleared many dungeons that were impossible for other hunter’s parties. But one day he soon reached his limit and was no longer able to level up and became a burden for his party. Having no choice his party members kicked him out.

One day a very strong monster invaded his city and there was no hunter present to defeat it. The main character decided to fight it and died. But soon after some time, he returns back in a time when the dungeons were still new to this world. It is a good manga with leveling system to try out.

20. Transcension Academy

Transcension Academy manga

One day the sky splits open and monsters start coming out from the dungeons. And some people started awakening alongside it. They started defeating the monsters but a decade later the number of hunters increased so much that the government had to create a pro exam and limited the number of people who can be called hunters. And in order to be a hunter people now had to attend a hunter academy. The main character Kim Seo Joon was a natural awakener. 

But in order to pay off his parents’ debt who died mysteriously he has been transporting monsters for 9 years. This is his story of how he becomes strong with the help of his Transcension Academy. It is a really good manhwa with leveling system to try out.

19. I obtained a mythic item

I obtained a mythic item manga

After the appearance of the World Tree of Norse Mythology, known as Yggdrasil, Earth was attacked by otherworldly demonic creatures. But the selected people were given a System that gave them superpowers. The main character Min JaeHyun was one of these people, but unluckily he made the wrong choices in his past but gets lucky after finding the only mythic rank item in the world.

The story and the art of this manhwa is good. The main character is weak at the start but after his reincarnation, he becomes stronger. He is also quite smart and takes full advantage of his knowledge of the future. 

18. Mushroom Hero

Mushroom Hero manga

The main character of this manhua was one of the best gamers that one could find. But in real life, he was the exact opposite. One day he gets hit by a truck and transmigrates to the game world as a mushroom and is also granted a system. In this world, monsters run rampant and humans are at the point of getting extinct. The main character’s task is to somehow become the hero of this world and save humankind. But will he be able to do it since he got reincarnated as a mushroom? Read it to find out.

The storyline of this manhua is really good and also the main character is very smart be sure to try it out.

17. Top Tier Providence

Top Tier Providence manhwa with leveling system

The main character of this manhua transmigrates to a cultivation world with a system at its disposal. In this new world, he wants to live a long life so he decides to be low-key all his life to accomplish that. He rarely interferes in worldly affairs and hides his talent and power from other people. 

It is a really good manhwa with leveling system with one of the best storylines and art. The main character is very smart and carefully analyzes his situation before taking action. Be sure to try this one out if you haven’t yet.

16. Reincarnated as a Fish

Reincarnated as a Fish

The main character of this manhwa was the head of a 4-star company, He used to work very hard for the company and because of that he had little time for his family and neglected them. One day when he was returning from his company he gets attacked by one of his co-workers and gets killed. Before he was about to die a system pops up and gives him a second life but instead of being born as a human he gets reincarnated as a fish.

After being born as a fish the main character decides to do everything within his power and with the help of the system to become a human again and return back to his family. It is a good manhwa with an amazing story be sure to try it out if you haven’t already.

15. Infinite Level Up In Murim

infinite level up in murim

The protagonist of this manhwa was one of the best warriors in murim. But one day the lord he was working for was getting attacked and they told him and his men to safeguard them against them. The protagonist did that but he saw that those people used him and his men as a shield to run away and the protagonist dies later.

Soon after dying he wakes and finds himself back to the past when he was a child and started his martial arts journey. After waking up he also finds that he has a system. It is a good reincarnation manhwa where the protagonist has a leveling system.

14. World’s Apocalypse Online

World’s Apocalypse Online

If you are looking for a manhwa where the world is overrun by monsters then this is a go-to list. In this manhwa, a game world suddenly appeared on earth. People started to go inside of this VR game so that they can fight against monsters and level up. But what they thought to be a simple game wasn’t that simple.

After few years of that monsters from the game started to appear in the real world and razed everything to dust. In the end, very few people survived. The protagonist was one of the strongest people and to save the world he sacrificed himself to save the others. But later he finds himself returning 10 years in the past.

13. History’s Number 1 Founder

historyx27s number 1 founder

The main character was just your regular human being on earth who later transmigrates to another world. In that world, he awakened a system, and soon after that, he was given a task to create a sect, and if he fails he will die. He soon starts his first step to take disciples for his sect.

This is a new manga with leveling system that you should bookmark right now. The art of this manga is really good and the protagonist character isn’t bad either a must-read from this list.

12. Solo Leveling

solo leveling

If you are looking for a manga with a leveling system then solo leveling will be your best pick from this list. The protagonist of this manhwa is a hunter who has the ability of the necromancer along with a leveling system. The art of this manhwa is simply too stunning and has a lot of readers worldwide. There won’t be any better manga than this that you should be looking for a manga with leveling up system.

11. Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good For Nothing

Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good For Nothing manga with leveling system

The main character of this manhwa was reading a novel and after completing he went to sleep. The next morning when he opened his eyes he saw that enters inside of the web novel he read last night. But the main problem is he enters the body of the person who is soon about that.

Now since he knows everything that is gonna happen in the future he uses that to his advantage to change his life. The world that this is set in is the same as the earth but it has dungeons and hunters. Be sure to check it out.

10. Askr Yggdrasil’s Wood

manga, manhwa & manhua with leveling up sysytem

Askr Yggdrasil’s Wood summary:

This manhwa’s main character was exiled to a place where only the cruelest criminals would be sent. He used to hunt monsters for his food. After 100 years, a girl from the police department came to him and told him that his exiles are now over. Now the main character just wants to ask, after this long what is the reason for his exile to be revoked. Overall, this manhwa has very amazing art and an overpowered main character, and an immersive story.

9. Greatest Boss System

manga, manhwa & manhua with leveling up sysytem

Greatest Boss System Summary:

The main character was killed by the same girl he tried to save. After dying he suddenly heard someone’s voice that said he could grant him his wishes. Later, the main character wakes up in another person’s body in a different world. He swears this time that he will prefer becoming a villain over a hero. He also has a sister that he will have to take care of. The main character also got a system to help him to level up.

Overall, it is a great manhua with a leveling up system. The main character doesn’t spare anyone that tarnishes his reputation or badmouth him. This is a good manhua to try out.

8. It Starts With A Kingpin Account

57446 compressed

It Starts with a kingpin account summary:

The everyday life of human beings got ruined. The world totally changed after monsters started to appear. Most of the people in the world died due to these monsters that can pop out anytime. Now after so many years passed, humans started to awaken abilities to fight these monsters.

The main character of this manhwa was a genius, but after joining the school he never leveled up once. Due to that, he was always looked down on by others. One day while celebrating his birthday a monster suddenly attacked his family at that time he opened a new system and became very overpowered.

7. Level Up Alone

manga, manhwa & manhua with leveling up sysytem

Level Up Alone Manga with leveling Up system Summary:

The main character of this manhwa worked as a porter in a monster hunting party. One day while trying to save one of his friends the monster started to chase him. In the end, the monster chased him and left no way for him to escape. At that time the main character suddenly awakened as a hunter.

Overall, the art of this manhwa is extremely good and storywise the plots are good as well. I’ll highly recommend this manhwa to those that like to read a lot of hunter and dungeon type manhwa.

6. Limitless Abyss

61531 compressed

Limitless Abyss Summary:

Now if you want something similar to Solo leveling. I mean very much like it for art, then this one’s for you. This manhwa has pretty much copied the art from the solo leveling.

The world was suddenly filled with monsters and no one knew where they were coming out from. The people of the world suddenly started to awaken powerful abilities that no one can ever think about. After the awakening, the human started their struggle against these monsters.

The main character was sacrificed by his members to the monsters to help them escape. He hasn’t even had a good childhood. This time he doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of his kindness and after being abandoned he starts his new life by defeating monsters and getting stronger.

5. My Level’s the Best

manga, manhwa & manhua with leveling up sysytem

My Level’s the Best leveling Up System Manga Summary:

This is a game-type manhwa where our main character applied as a beta tester for the game. But due to a problem with the system the protagonist wasn’t able to log out and like that few years passed by. After few years he was able to wake up again escaping from the game. There he finds himself in the hospital. After recovering his health he again starts his journey to play games to repay the debt of his family.

Overall, this manhwa has a great potential to stand from the other manhwas. Also, you are gonna enjoy the characteristics of the protagonist and the art. I’ll highly recommend you try it.

4. Nano Machine

50046 compressed

Nano Machine Manhua with leveling Up system Summary:

I’ll say if you have not read nano machine then you are missing out. The story is about a boy from the demonic cult on whom everyone looked down. One day while being chased by a group of assassins a youngster saved him who came to meet him from the future. The youngster inserts a machine into the protagonist and after that point, the protagonist’s life changes totally.

The machine that he got helps him in learning martial arts and assists him in his work. With the help of the system, the protagonist decides to change his life totally. Overall, it is a very great manhua that you shouldn’t miss out on every chapter of this manhua will make you read more and more chapters.

3. Supreme Mad Emperor System

manga, manhwa & manhua with leveling up sysytem

Supreme Mad Emperor System Summary:

This manhua tells the story of a boy who has always been unlucky. When the main character was young his parents passed away. After growing up, he was cheated by his girlfriend who also stole all of the money that he had saved up. With having nothing to live for, he decided to commit suicide, but that also never worked.

One day when the protagonist decided to die thunder struck him and after that, he reincarnated in the body of the prince of a kingdom. In this world, the protagonist never wants to live his life like the way he lived in the previous world. Overall, it is a good manhua to try out with a leveling up system.

2. Solo Spell Caster

58013 compressed

Solo Spell Caster Summary:

The story is about a boy who used to work as a salaryman in a world overrun by monsters. The main character always dreamed of becoming a hunter and save the world from monsters. One day while doing his office work a gate opened in front of him and monsters started to attack him. At that time, the main character suddenly awakened the ability from one of the games that he used to play when he was younger.

Overall, it has a great story and amazing art and the plot will leave you speechless. The main character has many cheat abilities and many guilds want to recruit him.

1. Taebaek: The Tutorial Man

manga, manhwa & manhua with leveling up sysytem

Taebaek: The Tutorial Man Summary:

The main character of this manhwa is an NPC of a game that trains new players. One day when he was returning from work he saw his house being burnt down and his wife is kidnapped. At that time he wasn’t able to do anything to the kidnappers because he was weak. But this time after increasing all of his skills level to 999 he left his job and started to look for his wife.

Overall, it is a great manga to read with a leveling up system and also has a deep story. After reading a couple of its chapters you will not be able to stop yourself from reading more.

This was all for our List Of manga with leveling up system

I’ll recommend you start reading from number 1 of our list and then you can choose any leveling up system manga, manhwa, manhua you prefer cause every single one of them is really good.

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