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Are you looking for manga like mercenary enrollment? Then in this article, I’ll share with you 11 Manga just like it. But before we get into the list let’s see what mercenary enrollment is all about.

Brief Info about Mercenary Enrollment

It is a story about a boy who was thought to have died in a plane crash when he was small. But he manages to survive that and manages to live his life as a mercenary for 10 years. After living his life like this he finally manages to find his family and returns to live with them.

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List of Manga like Mercenary Enrollment

  • The world is about money and power
  • Desire diary
  • Weak Hero
  • Study Group
  • Eleceed
  • Boss in School
  • God of Blackfield
  • Real Man
  • Medical Return
  • Second life of a gangster
  • True Education
  • Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo
  • I’m A Middle Schooler Becoming The Demon Lord

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13. The World Is About Money And Power

The World Is About Money And Power: Manga like mercenary enrollment

This manga is very similar to kakegairu anime since both of them show their schools to have gambling. The main character of this manga was falsely accused to get into a high school with his father’s connection. Because of this, his father gets arrested and he had to join another school.

This school is very different because here anyone could gamble and with that money earned they could even buy marks. All of this system was introduced in that school by the people who falsely accused the mc father. Overall this manga is really great with strong mc like Ijin from mercenary enrollment.

12. Desire Diary

 Desire Diary

In this manga anyone could become anything whatever they desire can be done. In Korea, the trend of beauty is still on the rise, and those who don’t follow that trend are looked down by. This manga brings people’s inner desire, beauty, wealth, or fame that people could wish they can gain. The only risk involved is they have to pay a proper price for the thing they desire. Overall it is a great mystery-type manga that takes place in school.

11. Weak Hero

 Weak Hero: Manga like mercenary enrollment

The main character of this manga is a frail-looking boy who was transferred to a school of delinquents. One day the bully of the class decided to bully him. Everyone thought it was a bad day for the new transfer student, but it surprises everyone.

The weak-looking boy defeated the bully and not only that he trashed him so hard to the point he couldn’t recover. In this school, hierarchy is established based on strength. Overall it is a great manga like mercenary enrollment with mc of a similar type. It is a must-read webtoon for every otaku out there.

10. Study Group

Study Group

The main character of this manga wants to pass his university exam. Right now he is in school where most students are delinquents. These students don’t really care about their studies. One day a new substitute teacher arrives in school the mc right away recognizes her because she taught him during childhood. The main character decides to form a study group with students that really care about studying.

All this time he hid his strength but now to peacefully study and save others from getting bullied he decides to show himself in front of everyone. Overall it’s a great manga like mercenary enrollment that I would highly suggest trying out.

9. Eleceed


The manga is very similar to mercenary enrollment where the MC has hidden power. Unlike mercenary enrollment, this is a fantasy manga that starts in school. The main character has the power of lighting, one day he saves the life of a cat, and after that many unexpected things start to happen to him. This unexpected occurrence changes his life altogether.

It is one of the highest-rated manga on a webtoon with a lot of readers worldwide. It is one of the best manga like mercenary enrollment you will ever find.

8. Boss In School

Boss In School

The main join the school in the middle of the semester of school. He was told not to fight with anyone by his mother but one day he finds that his father passed away and his life totally changes. The MC entrance to the school was the same as Ijin from mercenary enrollment. Also, the art of this manga is exactly like a rooftop swordmaster.

It is a new manga with a lot of potentials. I’ll recommend you add it to your library so that you wouldn’t miss out on this amazing manga.

7. God Of Blackfield

God Of Blackfield

This manga is very similar to mercenary enrollment in every way. The main character of both of the manhwa has a military background and the characters are also the same. The main character of this manga was the capital of the French battalion. One day during a mission his whole team was ambushed by unknown people and everyone died.

After 2 years passed by he finds himself in the body of a high school boy in Korea. He starts to adapt to his new life but soon finds that his former teammates have also revived along with him. Most of his former teammates also revived in someone else body. It is a great manga like mercenary enrollment that I will highly recommend trying.

6. True Education

True Education

This is one of the really great manhwa you can find. It is really a new manga that has just yet been released so there are really fewer chapters as of yet. The story is about a man that goes to different schools to change the life of students. He goes to schools as a government agent and solves the cases that happen in schools.

This manga has a lot of potential the moment it came out it has already started to gain a lot of popularity. I will really recommend you to add it to your lists. You won’t come across such good manga that easily.

5. Real Man

Real Man: manga like mercenary enrollment

This has one of the most fantastic stories you will ever find in the manhwa. It is so for one of the best manga like mercenary enrollment. The main character became CEO of his company but despite all that he wasn’t happy one bit about it. On the very first day of becoming CEO, he met all of the people whose lives were ruined because of him.

After returning from work he crossed a mysterious bar in the middle of the street. After that, he went there and was offered a drink. After drinking that he fell asleep while thinking about what went wrong. After waking up he finds himself back in time. This time he wants to do something so that his life doesn’t end in the same way. Overall, it truly is a great manga.

4. Second Life Of A Gangster

Second Life Of A Gangster

Same as the real man the main character returns back in time. He was a gangster just like the title suggests but he regretted it deeply when he was about to die. After dying the angels gave him another chance to change his life and returned his soul back in time when he was still young. Since by getting a second chance he wanted to make things right. He wanted to change things that he regretted doing in the past.

Overall, it is really a great manga like mercenary enrollment. I’ll highly recommend reading this manhwa out to all the people reading this post.

3. Medical Return

Medical Return High School manga

Just like “Second Life Of A Gangster” the main character of this manga was also given a second chance to re-live his life by angels. The main character was a doctor but everything started to turn horrible the moment he started his own clinic. He went into a lot of debt and he had sold all of his parents’ possessions and he had his sickly mother to take care of.

After getting this second chance he wanted to change all of the things that made him regret his past life. Overall, it is a legend-tier manga similar to mercenary enrollment. You can even learn a lot of things by reading this one.

2. Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo

Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo: High School Manga

The story takes place in a school that was made for delinquents. The main character had amnesia and because of that, he used to get bullied in school. But as his memories started to come back to him. His school life starts to change totally. From the one being bullied in school to become the strongest, this is how his journey will start in this new school.

Overall, from school fights and martial arts, it even has comedy to keep you entertained. It is one of the best school manga like mercenary enrollment with overpowered MC.

1. I’m A Middle Schooler Becoming The Demon Lord

I'm A Middle Schooler Becoming The Demon Lord

This is probably the most different one on the list of manga like mercenary enrollment. The main character here is actually the demon king who has come to earth to pass the final exam to become a demon king. The main character acts weirdly well since he is not from the earth so you can expect that. He doesn’t know the rules and customs of human society. So everything he does is perceived in a weird way.

Overall, this is the last on our list for manga similar to mercenary enrollment. Although the main character acts weird it is still one of the good manga that kept me awake all night.

A Word from Us

I know how everyone who visited this page loves to read mercenary enrollment but is disappointed with its fewer amount of chapters. Hope this list of manga like mercenary enrollment fulfills your desire. Also, I would like to mention this list is not ranked.

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