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In this article I’m going to share with you 11 best reborn manga that you should absolutely try in 2021.

But first of all what do you mean by reborn?

In reborn re means again so to be reborn means to be born again or brought back to life. But this is not at all possible in real life but in the manga it is.

Since it is not possible in real life that is why everyone loves to fantasize about it. It has become one of the most popular genres and some of the most popular manga are also of this genre. In this manga suggestions list, I’m going to be recommending to you some of the best reborn manga you will ever find.

Best Reborn Manga list

  • Tales Of Demons And Gods
  • After being reborn, I became the strongest to save everyone
  • Medical Return
  • Past Life Regressor
  • Kill The Hero
  • Magic Emperor
  • Path of the Shaman
  • The Max Level Hero Will Return
  • The Second Coming of Gluttony
  • Tomb Raider King
  • Volcanic Age

We will discuss all of this manga in details now and if you are trying to find where to read the manga then you can check – The best app for reading manga

11. Tales Of Demons And Gods

tales of demons and gods 17532

Tales of demons and gods is undoubtedly one of the best reborn manga you will ever find. Having billions of readers of this manga (China included). The story is focused on the main character Nie Lie whose soul returns back to him when he was 13 years old. He died after the fight with the sage emperor and 6 demon beasts.

After obtaining the memory of his future self, Nie Lie starts his cultivation journey. He starts to become stronger and reaching another level very quickly. Before he was the weakest and now everything has changed.

10. After being reborn, I became the strongest to save everyone

After being reborn, I became the strongest to save everyone

This manga shows the story of a boy who lost his parents and those he loved while his village was invaded. After many years passed by he recovered from that trauma and found a lover in life. But fate was cruel to his she dies after getting attacked by the soldier of the demon army. He went to save her but he also dies.

After dying he finds he has returned back in time or to say reborn. He is now only a child who just got born. With this second chance, he decides to do everything right. He starts training so that the same tragedy never happens again. Overall, it is a decent reborn manga but with fewer chapters.

9. Medical Return

medical return : reborn manga

The main character of this manhwa Kim Jihyun was a surgeon. One day he loses everything his wife, all of his money, and even got into debt. He decided to end his life but he also had to take care of his mother who sacrificed everything for him. He was feeling really terrible but 2 angels came to him and sent his soul back in time.

These 2 angels pretended to be cancer patients and our main character treated them without taking any money. After returning in time he starts to do things in the right way to not regret anything again.

8. Past Life Regressor

past life regressor

The world gets overrun by monsters and several people died due to that. Some people also awakened special abilities that helped them to fight monsters. Our main character was also like that he awakened an ability but that wasn’t strong. However, he manages to survive. In the end, he lost everything and due to a stroke of luck, he manages to find a book that helps him to return in time.

After returning to the past he used his memory to earn a lot of money so that he can conquer all of the dungeons and get the most skills to become the strongest. Overall, it is one of the best reborn manga but sadly it is on hold. So you will have to wait for a long time to see season 2 of this.

7. Kill The Hero

Kill the hero

This is another manhwa where the main character was betrayed by his teammates from the guild. The world was full of monsters and the hunter’s job was to defeat them to save civilians. After dying the main character’s soul returns back in time when he just awakened his ability.

With the help of his memory, he decides to take revenge and show the true color of the guild that everyone respects. It is also one of the best reborn manga but sadly it also on hold so you will have to wait for season 2.

6. Magic Emperor

magic emperor

The main character of this manhua was betrayed by his disciple and gets killed by the people that were after his Book of the Nine Secrets. He dies after that but manages to escape with his soul. After traveling for some time he finds a body of a boy and fuses his soul in it. After that, he tries to get away from there but because of demonic magic, he will have to save the family of this boy.

Since the main character doesn’t have many options left to leave he decides to make this boy’s family make the best in the continent. The main character is very ruthless and stops at nothing to achieve his goal. It is a must-read reborn manga for every otaku out there.

5. Path of the Shaman

path of the shaman

The main character was one of the strongest cultivators in the world but nothing can beat time. The main character was dying because of his old age. When his soul was about to be taken away by the grim reaper his disciple found him the grass of immortality but he was only able to take 1 drop in his mouth and dies after that.

Later he finds himself in a body of an errand boy of the shaman clan. Since he was already here and didn’t have any strength to leave he decides to become the strongest disciple of the Shaman Clan.

4. The Max Level Hero Will Return

 The Max Level Hero Will Return

The main character of this manga is a prince born from a commoner mother. His mother died and his father didn’t even care about it. One day the prince gets attacked by the son of his second mother and he was on death bed. Fortunately, his soul travels to the hero’s land where every hero’s soul after dying used to go.

With the help of the heroes, he became one of the strongest and gets back in his body, and starts a completely new life after that. It is not a reborn manga but is definitely a good suggestion.

3. The Second Coming of Gluttony

The second coming of gluttony : reborn manga

The main character of this manhwa had a special ability from birth. He was able to see things in green whenever something good was about to happen and red whenever it was not. He used this ability in gambling but one day he loses his ability and gets in debt. After that incident, he gets abandoned by his family.

One day he meets a woman who sends him to another world but he got back his memory that was about to happen at a later time. It is one of the best reborn manga and now season 2 is out so you can enjoy reading it.

2. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

The story is about a tomb explorer who gets betrayed by one of his teammates and the company he worked for. Due to that all of his team members died and he was cursing himself for this tragedy. The dungeon boss of this tomb made a deal with him in return for sending his soul back in time.

After coming back in time the main character decides to conquer all of the tombs that will appear in the future. He also decides to make the life of his team member better and make them pay who did that to him.

1. Volcanic Age

volcanic age

The last one on our list for reborn manga is volcanic age. The main character became the elder of his clan and was about to die. He had many regrets from the things that happened in past. He was remembering all of those things and feeling misery. To his surprise, he finds himself in the body of his younger self after dying.

Since he returned back to the past, he decides to do change all of the things that he regretted not doing in his last life. It is one of the best reborn manga. It is a cultivation type and with good art. I’ll highly recommend you try it out.

A Word From Us

This is not the best list for reborn manga but all of them are exceptionally good. I’ll highly recommend trying each one of them for the people who visit this page. If you have any queries or any suggestions then make sure to comment them down below and we will make sure to resolve them as soon as possible. Also, check our YouTube ChannelNoble Suggestions

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