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Hello, People Welcome To Noble Suggestions. In This Post, We Are Going To Share With You Top 10 Best Fantasy Manga With OP MC That We Personally Love Reading. This List Has Been Personally Prepared By Us With Full Review Of Each Of The Fantasy Manga We Are Gonna Suggest In This Post. So Let’s Start With The List Right Away.

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List Of Best Fantasy Manga With OP MC

  • Beginner’s Test For Infinite Power
  • The Demon Lord Wants To Die
  • Dark Blood Age
  • Demon Spirit Seed Manual
  • Pathfinder
  • Blinded By The Setting Sun
  • Catharsis
  • Gul
  • Uglyhood
  • Promised Orchid

This Is A List Of The Best Fantasy Manga. Now We Will Discuss About Them In More Details. Also If You Want To Know Where I Read Manga Then Check Out – The Best App For Reading Manga

10. Beginner’s Test For Infinite Power

Beginner's Test For Infinite Power

The Main Character here is a prince but he doesn’t know that he is not even aware of his power. When he was a child, the royal family was betrayed by the ones they trusted the most. All family members died and the prince was the sole survivor.

The King entrusted his son to one of the loyal knights and the knight adopted him as his son and never mentioned to him that he was a prince. But one day even the knight’s family was attacked and everyone died and the prince was the only survivor. The protagonist isn’t even aware of his powers and his history. It’s one of the best fantasy manga consider checking it.

9. The Demon Lord Wants To Die

The Demon Lord Wants To Die

Mankind and demons had a peace treaty but the humans broke that treaty and declared war with the demons. Unfortunately for the humans, they lost and the demons have become the new ruler of this world. Even among the demons, the demon lord stands above everyone. The surviving humans are now in a very few numbers.

After being living for so long the demon lord finds her life very boring and wants to end it by the hands of a human. Therefore she brings a human to her palace and trains him so that one day he can end his life.

8. Dark Blood Age

Dark Blood Age: best fantasy manga

The sun suddenly disappeared and due to that, the world has now turned into endless bloody chaos. Without the sun, the earth’s temperature has gone down and mankind is on the brink of extinction. And this is not all the world is now filled with monsters.

The protagonist Chu Yun discovers a family heirloom and after checking it he finds everything that is going to happen in the future. The first time he didn’t actually believe it but he still prepared for it and guess what the sun really disappeared. It’s a good fantasy manga with op mc and cheats abilities checking it.

7. Demon Spirit Seed Manual

Demon Spirit Seed Manual

This manhua also has an anime adaptation that was aired a year ago. The main character here is an otaku who suddenly transmigrated to another world when he was going to Japan. This new world is filled with magic and our protagonist though he got a cheat skill. But that wasn’t the case.

After transmigrating, he applied for the magical test but he had zero magic and was trash. Having no choice he starts working on a farm but one day when his life was in danger a spirit comes out from one of the seeds he has planted. And his life takes unexpected turns soon after that.

6. Pathfinder

 Pathfinder: best fantasy manga

This is an isekai manga in which the story starts with a quarrel between the protagonist and her parents. She was having a chat with her parents about her future life and jobs. Until suddenly she walks away from there and enters her room. She really hated talks like that.

She went to bed and dreams of going to another world just like the novels she has read. Suddenly a door appears in front of her. After she entered through that door a new world opens up for her. It has a great story with good potential consider reading it.

5. Blinded By The Setting Sun

Blinded By The Setting Sun

The Sun goddess Karia was someone referred to as the one to bring light to the earth. She was also referred to as the goddess of war and immortality. During the war between two empires, one empire had someone who had the blessing of the goddess. Because of her, that empire won the war despite being at a disadvantage.

One youngster whose parents were killed in the war is now working as a doctor in another nation. Hoping that someday he will be able to have his revenge. It’s one of the best fantasy manga that you will hardly ever find.

4. Catharsis

Catharsis: best fantasy manga with op mc

The protagonist in this webtoon was living a normal life, but he dreamed of entering another person whenever he used to sleep. The dream always used to feel so real that he wasn’t able to differentiate whether it actually was a dream or reality.

One day when he was out for delivering he finds a demon that only used to appear in his dream. Right at this time his life changes and he gets involved with the demon and hunters. It is a very good fantasy manga with op mc. Do Check it Out!!!

3. Gul

gul: best fantasy manga with op mc

It is a webtoon series that showcases the life of an orc. The protagonist orc spends his time wandering here and there and causing trouble for the tribe. One day he manages to save the life of an elf and from that point, new things start to happen in his life, and his life changes completely.

Our protagonist orc is not a normal orc, he has hidden abilities that he isn’t aware of. It is also one of the best fantasy manga that you will ever find out. It is also funny at times and keeps you entertained.

2. Uglyhood


I have recommended this webtoon before too, but many people tend to ignore it because of the title that doesn’t feel that appealing. But it is a very great series with op mc. The world in this webtoon has been taken over by the aliens and they have full control over the world. But in the middle of all this, a group of people defying the rule has started to appear.

And like I have mentioned, it is really a great fantasy manga with great action scenes, great art, and comedy to keep you entertained and school life, and many more. You will hardly find great fantasy manga with op mc like this one.

1. Promised Orchid

Promised Orchid

The story has a rather scary start but it is definitely not a horror-type manga as you might think so don’t skip it after reading a few of its chapters. The protagonist here is living his second life not aware of his past life and his powers. Once you start reading it you will not be able to control yourself from reading more and more of its chapters. Aside from that it also has great art that you will hardly ever see.

A Word From Us

So this was our Top 10 list of fantasy manga with op mc hope you enjoy reading them. And if you have any queries with our list or any suggestions you want to give us then please comment it down below. We will love to hear about them.

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