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This list shows the 15+ Best School Fighting Manga/Manhwa that you shouldn’t miss out on.

In these Recent Days, The Popularity Of Korean Manhwa Has Skyrocketed. there are many reasons for this but one of the main reasons for the constant increase in readers is due to the artwork and the story. So In this post, you will see the 15+ Best School Fighting Manga/manhwa/webtoon. and the list is as follows:-

Here is a video showing the 10 best School Fighting manga from our YouTube channel – Noble Suggestions

15+ Best School Fighting Manhwa list

  • Vigilante
  • Study Group
  • Ooparts
  • Unordinary
  • Supernova
  • Rooftop Sword Master
  • God Of Blackfield
  • Weak Hero
  • The Boxer
  • The Breaker
  • Mercenary Enrollment
  • True Education
  • Quest Supremacy
  • Reality Quest
  • Hectopascal
  • The Bully In-Charge

Now we will discuss all of these school fighting manga in more detail. If you are wondering where I read my manga you can check that here – The best app for reading manga

16. The Bully In-Charge

The Bully In-Charge school manhwa

After dropping out of school, the main character Kwon Daegun started preparing for his qualification exam, and alongside he also started working as a part-timer in a convenience store. But one day when he got into a fight with some thugs. Daegun, was offered a project called “The Bully In Charge” by the Educational Foundation, which has been closely watching him for a long time. 

And after much consideration, he accepted the offer and entered a high school that belongs to the foundation and started defeating the core bullies of this school one by one according to the order of the foundation. It is one of the best school fighting manhwa to try out

15. Hectopascal


The main character, Park Han-jun, was a famous schoolboy who took down many people but One day, he got betrayed by the members of his group and lost everything he had. After this incident, he decides to never fight again.  But after getting support from the CEO of a big company who had the goal to destroy Nexus in order to take revenge, Han-jun decides to fight again to make everyone pay who did this to him.

Both the art and the story of this school manhwa is exquisite. The main character is op and ruthless right from the start. He is also smart and uses his brain while fighting. So if you haven’t read it till now then you can try reading it.

14. Reality Quest

Reality Quest

Ha Do-wan was an unlucky game shuttle who was constantly threatened by the school bullies to get the in-game items. Later, he dies after playing games all night long for a whole week but gets respawned in his classroom a week before his death. Everything was the same as that day except for the mysterious pop-up window that appeared in front of him. Follow him on his journey, as he gets strong with the help of his system by completing quests.  

The story of this school manhwa might be average but the art is really good. Although the mc gets bullied at first, with the help of his system he starts to go through character development. So, if you haven’t read this till now, then I suggest you try this out.

13. Quest Supremacy

Quest Supremacy school fighting manhwa

The Main character, Kim Soo Hyun was an ordinary high school student who got bullied by his classmates every day. He was neither good at studying, nor good at fighting. But later, one day he gets a system that gives him rewards and makes him stronger upon completing quests. And now he decides to get stronger in order to get revenge on his bullies. 

This is an amazing school manhwa with a good storyline. The main character also goes through character development. So if you haven’t read this till now then u should try reading this.

12. Vigilante


Vigilante Manhwa Summary:

The parents of the main character were killed when he was a child. The criminal was caught by the police and sent to jail, but after a few days of that, he was released. After 10 years of that incident, the main character decided to have a look at the criminal. He finds out that the criminal is still the same as he was years before. His character has not changed even a little and still commits crimes.

The main character couldn’t see this and killed him. After that, he keeps killing criminals while staying anonymous. Overall, it is a good type of manhwa with little school fights included.

11. Study Group

study group

Study group Summary:

The main character wanted to study in school but the school that he was in mostly had delinquents. One day he a new teacher joined to teach the class. She was none other than the tuition teacher of the MC during his childhood. The main character decided that he would make a study group in the school where interested students could study.

This manga is filled with a lot of school fights. Overall, it is really a cool manhwa to try out, it also has very good art that will make you love it even more.

10. Ooparts


Ooparts Summary:

The main character was one of the strongest students in the school. One day while wandering around, he got in an accident and had major damage to his legs. The best fighter in the school became a cripple. Now he gets bullied a lot of time in the school until one day he finds an oopart. By using ooparts he is able to recover his body condition to the prime. Also, a new world unfolds for him because of this.

Overall, it is a great school fighting manga to try out. It is filled with a lot of action and fights. You will also be seeing some fantasy in this one. It is a must read for manga readers.

9. Unordinary


Unordinary Summary:

The whole plot of this webtoon takes place in a school. In this webtoon, people are born with special abilities and each ability has a rank. There are also people that are born with no abilities. The main character of this webtoon was the latter one until one day he awakens. People’s social ranking depends on their abilities those with no abilities are always looked down upon.

The main character also used to get bullied in school for being weak. Right after awakening, he started beating all those people that had bullied him. It is one of the most popular school fighting manga on webtoon.

8. Supernova


Supernova Summary:

Supernova is one of the best school-fighting manga out there. The main character of this manhwa was an average student in the school. He liked to avoid most of the school bullies. Until one day he gets tangled up because of one of his friends and his life changed completely. One of his classmates commits suicide because of bullying. Since there was no one to bully anymore the bully set his new target to him.

Overall, it is a great manhwa to try out. You will find this school-fighting manhwa so very entertaining to read. The whole plot will leave you speechless!. Most of all it has so many chapters to try out.

7. Rooftop Sword Master

best school fighting manga

Rooftop Sword Master Summary:

If you ever get bullied to the point where you are at the death door what will you do?

This happened with the main character of this manga. To complain about this incident his parents complained to the school. However, the bully’s parents were very rich and had high authority in the society. The school as well as all the people and the authority involved in this took the bribe from the bully’s parents and didn’t help his family.

To raise awareness of this incident the parents commit suicide in the open square. When the main character hears this news after recovery he starts his plan to take revenge.

6. God Of Blackfield

the god of blackfield: school manga

God Of Blackfield Summary:

The main character of this manga was an army officer. One day during an operation he gets sneaked and attacked by his own comrade and dies. After dying he finds himself that he has revived but the body that he is in currently not his. He finds himself in the body of a student who goes to school and is bullied a lot in school.

He also finds the army officer that he worked with to revive but in a different body. Overall, it is one of the greatest school fighting manga that you must try out!

5. Weak Hero

weak hero : school manga

Weak Hero Summary:

The story is about a boy who suddenly gets admission to one of the schools that are only for weak students. The school mostly consists of Bullies and weak students. The main character was new so he used to stay quiet. Until one day the bully in the class started targeting him. But this weak-looking boy did something unexpected that no one could have thought. He not only fights with the bully but also defeats him.

Overall, it is really an entertaining school-fighting manga out there. It is also one of the most popular webtoons with a lot of readers. It is updated once a week so do check it out.

4. The Boxer

The Boxer: best school fighting manga

The Boxer Summary:

This is one of the insane and best fighting manga out there. The main character of this manga is a one-time genius that you rarely see in the manga. he can learn anything by just seeing it. His whole life is really boring for him. He gets bullied so that he can pass his time. One day a world-class boxing instructor spots him and asks him to become a boxer. He doesn’t take his offer at first but later he accepts it.

Overall, the story as well as the art and plot, just everything is too good. You will not be able to take your head off your phone once you start reading it.

3. The Breaker

The breaker : best school fighting manga

The Breaker Summary:

It is one of the most popular manga in the school fighting genre. It is not without reason that it is this popular. The main character used to get bullied a lot in his school. One day a new teacher joins the school and the protagonist begs him to teach him martial arts. He saw that this new teacher beat everyone in the hallway. After the intense training, the main character finally gains enough strength to not get bullied.

Overall, it is a must-read school fighting manga to try out. It has been colored as a manga but it is a Korean webtoon series. It is a complete manga so you will not have to wait for chapters to update.

2. Mercenary Enrollment

mercenary enrollment manhwa

The Mercenary Enrollment Summary:

In his childhood, the main protagonist of this manhwa was kidnapped by some people. They later sell him to an international organization that trains people to be a war tool. The main protagonist trains in that harsh environment and later becomes one of the best soldiers. Later he is sent to many battlefields and warzones and makes a name for himself.

One day he finds a chance to escape from that organization and return to his family. He hides his past from his family and tries to start a new life. It’s one of the best school fighting manga that you should try out.

1. True Education

true education manhwa

True Education Summary:

This is one of the most unique schools fighting manhwa you can ever find. Unlike other manhwa where the main character is a student. In this one, the main character is actually a teacher who works for an education minister. The main protagonist goes to different schools and solves the issues of those schools. Most of it is related to people fighting in school, bullying, etc.

The art of this manhwa is really good and the story is also pretty well written. It is one of the best recommendations I can give for you to try it.

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