As we all know how good the apotheosis is so for apotheosis fans i bring you today 10 Manga Similar To Apotheosis check it out…

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In this article, you will see 10 manga, manhua similar to apotheosis. So apotheosis is a cultivation type manga/manhua where Luo Zheng is the protagonist of the story. He was the slave in his own house, but one day everything changed.

Luo Zheng found an old dusty book which was left by his father. When he took the book all of a sudden several dragons got into his body and started to help him on his journey to change his life.

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10 Manga/Manhua similar to Apotheosis are:

  • The Great Deity
  • Partner With The Dragon
  • Martial Arts Reigns
  • Martial Peak
  • Return Of The Immortal Emperor
  • Peerless Battle Spirit
  • Nano Machine
  • The Great Ruler
  • Volcanic Age
  • Wu Dong Xian Kun

Now we will discuss in detail about all of these Manhua which are similar to apotheosis. Starting Our List with…

Number 10 – The Great Deity

the great diety

The Great Deity Summary:-

The main character Lu Xiaoyi is the best puppet craftsman in the village. In the eyes of the villagers, he was the embodiment of the devil himself. For his parents, he was the greatest son one could ever get.

But even with the outstanding talent of the protagonist, his body was not suitable to do any cultivation. So he was rejected from the Academy and had to return back to his village, but…

He is the main character, the most special one among ten billion people…” How can the Protagonist’s life be just like that. Lu Xiaoyi had a special cauldron from his ancestors. Even without doing any cultivation, he was the strongest even among all of the cultivators in his world. The main character also had someone to guide him.

Story Wise it is a good manhua and the Mc characteristic is also a quite good. I will highly recommend you try it.

Number 9 – Partner With The Dragon

manga similar to apotheosis

Partner With The Dragon Summary:-

Ready to witness the BEST ART SO FAR!

The main character found a dragon hunter while her village was being attacked.
The hunter who found the girl by accident formed a contract with her. Now both of them get connected and started their journey for revenge while the other was just traveling with him.
Together, they set out seeking revenge. Little did they know that…by taming her, he was also tamed by her.

Personal Review:-

So far I have seen the best artwork in “partner with the dragon” and the story progression is good too. I especially like the lead characters. You will really enjoy this one.

Number 8 – Martial Arts Reigns

martial arts reigns

Martial Arts Reigns summary:

Ye Ming is the main character of this manhua. When Ye was young his parents were killed by unknown people and he trained hard to get revenge. Seeing the progress of Ye Ming his cousins schemed and cut his dantian. After that incident, Ye ming lost his cultivation.

But Ye Ming had yet to give up. He’d sacrifice everything to take revenge for his deceased parents who were murdered by Family Huang.

Personal Review:-

I’ll say most part of the story resembles manga like Apotheosis in some way. Just like Luo Zheng has a dragon to guide him in the body and Ye Ming has the Martial spirit “Bei Ming” to guide him.

Number 7 – Martial Peak

manga similar to apotheosis

Martial Peak Summary:-

Martial Peak is a cultivation type manhua similar to apotheosis. The story is about a boy Ye Ming who has never able to reach a higher cultivation level.

One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

Personal Review:-

I started reading this manhua at the same time as apotheosis. So far the story progression has never disappointed me. The plot has been amazing and most of all it updated daily. I have been reading it for quite and this is the reason I added it to the list of manga like apotheosis.

Number 6 – Return Of The Immortal Emperor

manga similar to apotheosis

Return Of The Immortal Emperor Summary:-

Three years ago, Yun Xingyan accidentally transmigrated to an immortal world. After three thousand years passed in that world, he was able to become the emperor of the immortal clouds. The main character was able to return to his original world by creating an incision in the void. After crossing over the void he lost most of his cultivation. Again this has a great story progression and very similar manga like apotheosis in many aspects.

Number 5 – Peerless Battle Spirit

peerless battle spirit

Peerless Battle Spirit Summary:-

In this cultivation type manhua/ manga only people with strong spirits can live a great life. Aside from cultivation this manga, mainly focuses on the growth of their spirit, not like apotheosis. The main character Qian Nan is the strongest in his place. One day during the spiritual awakening, he awakened a grade 1 martial spirit which is considered trash.

While he was cultivating to get stronger after awakening trash martial art spirit. He suddenly got struck by lightning and awakened a martial arts spirit that can increase in levels over time. It has a great beginning but just like another manhua, it’s starting to get boring as the story progresses.

 Now join Qin Nan and his companion along their journey, battling against various opponents, outsmarting their enemies, and seeking the answers to unveil mysteries.

Number 4 – Nano Machine

nano machine

Nano Machine Summary:-

Nano Machine just like its name is a machine from the future. The machine was sent to the protagonist by his descendent from the future. The main character was being treated like a slave in this manga like Luo Zheng from apotheosis. This is filled with a lot of action and will become your favorite when you will read it.

Personal Review:-

Nano machine is a newly released manhua and is a cultivation type. The only difference is a modern type of cultivation manhua where he is guided by a machine rather than any spirit or other things. This is the most recommended manhua from my side definitely check out this manhua this surely gonna surpass apotheosis. 

Number 3 – The Great Ruler

manga similar to apotheosis

The Great Ruler Summary:-

This again is a cultivation manga/manhua-like apotheosis set in a cultivation world. There are many high sovereigns to the lower planes. The people of this manhua only have 1 thing in mind. Most people want to reach greatness in life and become a legend.

The world is filled with many strong cultivators. Some people even had the ability to control fire and other elements of nature. While some were so powerful that they could even change the landscape of any territory. Overall, it is a great manhua to start reading from and I will highly recommend you try it out.

Number 2 – Volcanic Age

volcanic age

Volcanic Age Summary:-

Joo Seo-Cheon, is the main character of this manhua. This is a reborn type of cultivation manhua where Mc is returned back to the past. The main character wants to do things that he only dreamed of in his past life. I highly recommend you read this. You will feel a similar vibe to apotheosis in this manga/ Manhua.

Personal Review:-

This manhua is close to my heart just like apotheosis from the story to the plots everything is just too good now you why it deserves the second spot.

Number 1 – Wu Dong Qian Kun

wu dong xian kun

Wu Dong Qian Kun Summary:

In the world of cultivation manhua, there is always some family which is considered the strongest. The main character also prevails from one of the strongest Lin family. Lin Dong is from a branch family of Lin. Lin’s family along with the other 4 families are considered the strongest.

He belonged to the branch family of lin. But one day the great genius of the main family challenged his father and left him crippled. After seeing his father crippled the main character decides that he will take revenge for this.

The branch family of lin was left in despair when their genius son got crippled. Ling Don only wants to take revenge for this and make his family life safer. He starts to become stronger.

Hope You found this list helpful to you guys and i would like to mention that each of this manhua have great story progression just like apotheosis and you will not think that you are wasting your time 

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