nowadays after the release of solo leveling many manga similar to it has started coming out such as Number 10 Player , number9……

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In this article, I will share 10 manga similar to Solo leveling with you. If you want more suggestions, please check out our YouTube channel – Noble Suggestions

Solo leveling has become a very popular manhwa and has millions of readers across the globe. The main reason for its increase in popularity is its art and its very immersive story filled with a lot of action. The dungeon and leveling up system that it includes also gave rise to a new trend in the manga world. More and more manga similar to this category are constantly getting uploaded.

List Of Manga Similar To Solo Leveling:

  • Player
  • Raid
  • Return to player
  • Reverse Villain
  • The First Hunter
  • The worn And Torn Newbie
  • Murim Login
  • My Dad is too strong
  • Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
  • Ranker who lives a second time

Now we will discuss about them in more details and if you want to know where I read manga then check out – The Best App for reading manga

Number 10 – Player

manga similar to solo leveling

Player summary:

The main character constantly used to get bullied in school. One day during his favorite show a question got asked and the person who gets the most likes will have his wish fulfilled. The main character’s comment got liked a lot and he gets transferred to that world. Thereafter faced with many difficulties he was able to get a decent foothold in that world. The got even gave him an ego sword to help him in his journey.

Overall, this manhwa has a great story and great art and this manga is similar to Solo Leveling. I’ll highly recommend you try it out and you will literally be amazed how good it is.

Number 9 – Raid

manga similar to solo leveling

Raid summary:

50 years ago gates that connected to the demon world started to appear on earth. Leaving earth on a very dangerous spot. Constantly many humans were getting killed by the monsters that were appearing from the gate. Later on, many people start to awaken powers that no humans could think of previously.

Now after 50 years passes by the main story begins. Our main character who works in a shop awakened as a master and registers himself as a hunter. And from this point on the main story begins.

He starts to rank up and manages to get to rank 5 from the bottom position. This manga is similar to Solo Leveling and I will highly recommend you to try it out and see for yourself. And continue reading it if you like this manhwa out.

Number 8 – Return To Player

manhwa like solo leveling

Return to Player summary:

The main character after managing to survive in the world overrun by monsters the gods decided to delete this world. When the main character was just about to die, he suddenly returns back at the point when all of this just started. Out of a sudden gates started to appear all over the earth. Monsters started to pop out of them and started to attack people and the life of humans totally changed.

Overall, it is a very good manhwa where the main character has his memory from the past and leveling up system to help him out. I’ll very much recommend you try it, it’s much similar to solo leveling,

Number 7 – Reverse Villain

manga similar to solo leveling

Reverse Villain Manhwa – Summary

The main character wanted to rule the world but every time just when he was about to conquer the murim world one person even after taking his own life used to kill him. The main character was reincarnated 5 times and all of these times the other person also used to reincarnate with him and foils his plan. This is the sixth time he has reincarnated and the murim world has now developed into a modern world.

 Now the murim world is over and the goals of the main character have now changed from conquering to only defeat the other person and live a good life in this new world. Overall, the story of this manhwa is very good, and just like Solo leveling, the main character is too op and ambitious. I will highly recommend you to try this one on and this manhwa has also gained a lot of popularity and the readers now can be counted in millions.

This is a really enjoyable Manga and it has it’s own unique story and it’s not a solo leveling ripoff.

Number 6 – The First Hunter

manhwa like solo leveling

The First Hunter Summary:

 This is a manhwa where the world is suddenly overrun by monsters by monsters and it is of the following genre – action, adventure, zombie, fantasy. And it is also an apocalyptic type of manhwa just like solo leveling.

 The main character of this manhwa was an army officer. And a very strong one at that. The main character wanted to commit suicide but he wasn’t able to die. One day while buying some stuff in the supermarket he saw weird creatures that no one has seen before. From that point on he starts to rescue people and makes a group that is supposed to fight these monsters. Overall, it is a great manhwa similar to solo leveling and one of the most recommended ones from my side.

Number 5 – The Worn And Torn Newbie

worn and torn newbie

The Worn And Torn Newbie Summary:

The main character also called by the name stagnant water. While playing virtual reality he gets so addicted to it that he spends 10 years playing that game. At the start, the game was running good but after 10 years its market value starts to drop, and the main character loses all of his money. While waiting to die he is suddenly returned back to the past when the game was just launched. It is a good manhwa similar to solo leveling.

I’ll definitely suggest you check it out it’s a new manga similar to Solo Leveling. and till December 2020 only 24 chapters have been released and also I have provided the link to all of this cool manhwa you can directly read them by clicking the picture.

Number 4 – Murim Login

murim login manga

Murim Login Summary:

The main character was one of the lowest-rank hunters in the world. One day while cleaning up some garbage he finds a VR machine and brings it to his house. Not knowing who the owner is he accidentally started the game and he is transferred to the “Murim world“. He spends his time and clears the quests in that world and with all of the skills that he learned in the game he is able to use all of the skills in the real world.

Overall, it is one of the best manga to go for if you are looking for manga similar to solo leveling. The art may not be that great but the overall plots will leave you speechless when it comes to the similarity of Solo leveling. I highly recommend you try this on. Don’t leave this one after seeing its cover.

Number 3 – My Dad Is Too Strong

my dad is too strong

My Dad Is Too Strong summary:

This is a story about an ordinary salary man who is accidentally transported to the murim world. One day gates started to appear all over the world. With the appearance of gates, people started to develop different kinds of abilities. Just like other people our main character also develops a new kind of ability. He is able to go the past when he dies. By using that ability the main character quickly rose in strength in the murim world.

Overall, this manhwa has great plots and op MC just like Sun Jin Woo from solo leveling. I’ll highly recommend you to try this on. And the main character is no father the girl is actually his brother’s daughter. Read it, I can totally assure you that it’s good.

Number 2 – Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint manhwa like solo leveling

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Summary:

The main character of this manhwa was an ordinary person who was also an otaku. He liked to read novels and there was one novel that he was reading from his childhood. one day, while he was just returning from the work on the train strange creature, appeared on the train. He asked everyone to kill each other and only 5 survivors on the train will be able to go out. Strangely what was happening right actually happened in the novel. The main character knows everything that’s about to happen and he was given a new skill after completing the novel.

Overall, it is one of the best manhwa that you can find and it very popular manga similar to solo leveling. Whenever you will ask someone to recommend manga similar to solo leveling they will surely recommend this one to you. This a must-read for everyone.

Number 1 – Ranker Who Lives A Second Life

manhwa like solo leveling

Ranker Who Lives A Second Life Summary:

This a story about twin brothers whose mother was ill. The little brother disappeared and no one was able to find him. Many years passed by and even her mother passed into the afterlife. One day while returning from the work the elder brother finds a watch and a diary he gave to his little brother. He finds out that his little brother actually went to another world to find a cure for his mother, but sadly during all of that he was betrayed by the ones he trusted the most.

The elder brother now leaves everything to start his journey to take revenge for his brother. Overall, it is the only manhwa that resembles solo leveling the most. The main character is also a necromancer and in some ways it is even better than Solo leveling. It is a must read for everyone of you.

These were all for the list of Manga Similar to Solo leveling

All of the manhwa that I have suggested will never disappoint so go for each one of them. Also, if you are not aware of our YouTube channel, then go look for Noble Suggestions.

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