Many manga releases every month but not every single one of them become popular. Here are the list of 5 most popular Manhwa of 2020

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Here are the list of 5 Manhwa That remained most popular in 2020 :-

2020 has been the most awful year for many people but for the Manga lovers, it was the best year for them after all. Even the government wanted us to stay inside our house. So the only way we could enjoy our time was by reading more Manga.

It was also the year in which many new Manga were constantly being released. Because of this, the business of Manga and anime was in full bloom.

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5. The Second Coming of Gluttony

The second coming of gluttony: Most popular Manhwa

The second coming of gluttony is one of the greatest manhwa you will ever find. You will be amazed by just checking out the art of this manhwa. It starts by showing the result of war where countless lives have been lost. The main character is then chosen by one of the gods. The god couldn’t send him so she sent his memory back in time that will help him to do things right.

From the story to the overall plots, from the protagonist to the side characters everything about this Manhwa is just too great. So how can it no be the most popular Manhwa

4. Tomb Raider King

Tomb raider king

Nowadays you will find many Manhwa with dungeons and hunters which are liked by many people nowadays but it was not always the case there weren’t that many like that to begin with but now everything has changed .

Tomb Raider King was one of the first Manhwa which I have known which had these kinds of story settings. Since being one of the first has always benefits but there are many other reasons with it. We cannot ignore the story and our Main Character here which makes it worthwhile to read. These were some of the reasons why “Tomb Raider King” remained one of the most popular Manhwa of 2020.

3. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker: Most popular Manhwa

This is a revenge type of manhwa. The main character’s brother was betrayed and killed by the ones he trusted most. After receiving the news of his brother he immediately left all of his work to get revenge for his brother, This manhwa has one of the smartest MCs of manhwa.

Overall, it has one of the best art and it is filled with a lot of action. The main character even has a necromancer skill with which he can revive the dead and control their souls.

2. The Beginning After The End

Arthur lewin

The main character of this manhwa Arthur Lewin is one of the smartest Mcs of manhwa. He was reincarnated in the world of magic and fantasy. He was a king in his previous life but was killed by a sneak attack by one of the people he trusted the most. Overall, it has great plots, art, and the story.

It is the second most popular manhwa after Solo Leveling. You can check its ranking on websites like anime-planet or just use a bot on the discord. It will tell you the accurate details of it.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Just after it’s release in March 2020 it’s popularity skyrocketed and it is not without a reason it’s popularity was not only to itself but about whole Manhwa community and I can totally say that Solo Leveling alone is the reason why Manhwa are so much popular right now.

From it’s art to the story to how the story began how the MC was weak at the start and how he became so much strong everything was well versed and now it is the most popular Manhwa of 2020 and will continue even in 2021.

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