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We all love reading manga with op mc. The main reason for that is because they give the best satisfaction while reading any manga. The battles in manga are the main attraction in the manga community. They are the reason which makes the manga/manhwa stand out more.

So today at Noble Suggestions We bring you 10 MANGA WITH OP MC. Also, Check Out This Video For More In-depth Ideas of the manga

List Of Manga With OP MC

  • Blood Blade
  • Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru
  • Above All Gods
  • Warble
  • Worn and Torn Newbie
  • Magic Emperor
  • Revival Man
  • Iron Ladies (NOTE: MC here is a male)
  • The Boxer
  • Master Of Gu
  • Infinite Apostles and Twelve War Girls
  • Legend Of The Northern Blade
  • Mercenary Enrollment
  • Yigret
  • Solo Max Level Newbie

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15. Infinite Apostles And Twelve War Girls

Infinite Apostles And Twelve War Girls : manga with op mc

Apostles are the strongest people in the world with the ability to create new lands and big kingdoms. Even among all the apostles the protagonist is the first apostle and is the strongest person in the world. To reduce his boredom and loneliness he sets out to a human world hoping to get a wife.

This is a manga where mc hides his power when he enters inside of the magical school after going to the human world. It is a really great manga with op mc that you should try at least once.

14. Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern blade is a martial arts manga with op mc. The main character’s father was the head of the northern blade an organization that was fighting against the silent knight who were terrorizing the world. When the northern blade sect managed to defeat them the head elder was betrayed and was killed.

At the end of his life, the protagonist’s father asked everyone to spare his son in return for him giving up his life. Now after the protagonist grows up he starts his journey for revenge.

13. Mercenary Enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment

If you are looking for a manga where mc hides his power then this is your go-to list. This manga has an OP Mc that was separated by his family from his childhood. He spent his whole childhood working as a mercenary for the military and after growing up he unites with his family again.

It is a really good manga with op mc. You will fall in love with this manhwa instantly after reading it. It has a great story and great art do try it.

12. Yigret


This is really new manhwa where the main character was the strongest sage in his life and was the only person who could talk with spirits. He was always alone in the life people that associated with him were always trying to benefit from him. He lived his entire life alone and only talked with spirits and dies later.

After dying he gets reborn in the body of a prince who had no chance for succession to the throne. he was always weak from childhood and was always neglected by everyone. The sage took over his body and then process to fulfill his wishes. it’s a great manga with op mc who hides his power do try it out.


11. Solo Max Level Newbie

Solo Max Level Newbie manga where mc hides his power

There was a VR game that was developed that has an insane level of difficulties because of that no one wanted to play it. Very few challenged the game and in the end, only the protagonist was able to clear that. One day after the game was cleared that game became a reality and if people fail to clear it then humanity will cease to exist.

In this manga mc hides his power from everyone and with his knowledge of the game he starts to become the strongest person in the world. It is a new manga with op mc who hides his power do check it.

10. Blood Blade

Blood : manhwa with overpowered main character

Blood Blade Summary:

Vampires are living in the dark while humans aren’t aware of them but one day a meteorite struck the earth which changed everything, the usual life of human beings changed. the vampires started coming out of the darkness and started slaughtering humans beings in between all this.

Our MC “Red” and his fiance were at the site of the meteorite crash and the meteorite completely crashed the mc head and it was not actually a meteorite but a blood crystal which was the aim for the vampires.

Our mc survives that crash and he became the only hope for humanity to survive against the vampires. You will see when he changes to the vampire how overpowered he becomes.

9. Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru

 Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru

Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru Summary:

This is a manga where the mc was summoned to the other world to defeat the demon king after he killed him the princess proposed marriage to him but was rejected and soon after was captured by the royal family.

After the defeat of the demon king, only the hero was a threat to the royal family. Just after being captured he was killed and was soon resurrected and started taking his revenge. This is a revenge manga with op mc who was betrayed. You will see a lot of killing and brutal scenes in this one.

8. Above All Gods

Above all gods: manhwa with overpowered main character

Above All Gods Summary:

This is what you should go for if you want a manga with op mc who never leaves his enemies alive even if they are girls. The main character of this manga is really overpowered who hides his strength from everyone. He only wants no one to look down on him or use him in the world. The art of this manhua is really good.

This represents Master Of Gu manhwa in many ways. You can try this one as an alternative for that manhua. Overall, it has a great story and plot. The main character killing scenes are the best. Try it!

7. Warble


Warble Summary:

We can define Mc as a super genius person and an overpowered main character who was also bound to destroy humanity. When he was a child a girl from the future came to him and he promised her to save humanity how will the future change? read it it’s worth your time.

The art of this manhwa is extremely amazing just like Solo Leveling (NOTE: It is now a complete manhwa there aren’t going to be any more chapters)

6. Worn and Torn Newbie

The worn and torn newbie

Worn and Torn Newbie:

For Me, the Mc who doesn’t care about his own image is scarier than any other character’s. He is known as stagnant water in the manga and is really overpowered by the main character cause he returned to the past when he was about to die and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes this time.

Overall, it has a great story. You will be hooked by reading just a few of its chapters. This is your go-to manga to read manga with op mc who hides his power make sure to check it out.

5. Magic Emperor

Magic emperor : manhwa with overpowered main character

Magic Emperor Summary:

It has now become one of the most popular Chinese manhwas. The main character Zhou Fan was one of the strongest people in the world. He loses his life due to a betrayal from his disciple. Right after dying, he managed to take his soul away. After that, he manages to take over the body of the servant boy of a 3rd rate family.

He soon finds out that he can’t get away and do as he pleases because of the heart demon of the body. So now this toughest being takes care of this family and revives his family to become one of the strongest families of the empire.

4. Revival Man

Revival Man : manga with overpowered main character

Revival Man Summary:

This is a very interesting manhwa where the main character has the ability to revive after 3 days of dying. He used to live in a rental apartment with no money from the owner. One day the owner passed away leaving behind his daughter. After that incident, some kidnappers kidnap the girl to sell her as a commodity. The main character gets involved in saving her and this is when he discovers his ability.

Overall, it is really a cool manga with an overpowered main character and is filled with mystery. You will not be able to keep your eyes off once you start reading it.

3. Iron Ladies

Iron ladies

Iron Ladies Summary:

The main character of this manhua wasn’t able to get a job after graduating from university. One day applies for a job as a fleet admiral for a fleet. He never thought that he would be selected but 2 of the admirals came to his house to recruit him. After joining the fleet, due to an accident, he gets overpowered ability.

This is a gruesome manga, so I won’t recommend you read it if you are under 10. Overall, the story takes many twists and turns which makes it very interesting to read.

2. The Boxer

The boxer : manga with overpowered main character

The Boxer Summary:

This Korean webtoon dictates a story about a boy who has no motivation to do anything. He is a one-time-born genius that can do anything after seeing it or learning about it. But this is also the reason that makes everything boring that he try out. One day he gets asked to become a boxer by a very well-known trainer. he takes this chance to see if boxing is really interesting or not.

Overall, the mc is totally op in this manga. He can defeat his opponent in the boxing ring without any difficulties. Once you start reading it you will start craving for more and more chapters.

1. Solo Leveling

dungeon manga like solo leveling

Solo Leveling Summary:

This has now become the most popular manhwa and is currently under the 20 best ranking of manga. Sun Jin Woo’s main character starts as a weak hunter, but he gains a system due to an accident in the dungeon. This system creates quests and after completing them you gain abilities and items. With the help of the system, he becomes the most powerful hunter from the weakest one.

The art of this manhwa will leave you speechless. This was one of the reasons that helped this manhwa to get this worldwide popularity. Overall, it is a must-read manga with an op mc for every manga reader out there.


There are many manga with op mc out there with op MC so I can’t recommend all of them in one post. But even if you try any one of these manga with op mc you won’t regret reading them. I’ll highly recommend you check each one of them. And if have any suggestions then make sure to comment them down below.

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