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Manga with game elements or simply put game manga have started to gain a lot of popularity during the pandemic time. 2020 might have been the worst year for many, but it was like a gold mine for manga readers. Basically, what Game Manga & manhwa have is their story is set in a virtual reality game world.

In recent days more and more of these manga with game elements are getting published. It is definitely gonna be another stream in the world of manga. In this article, I’m gonna present to you 11 of the best manga with game elements that you should begin reading now.

List of 11 Best Game Manga

  • The Strongest Florist
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • I’m a Fake NPC
  • Overgeared
  • The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
  • Taebaek The Tutorial Man
  • Virtual World Close Combat Mage
  • Arcane Sniper
  • Sword Dance Online
  • Updater
  • Ranker’s Return (Remake)

Now we discuss all of these game manga with op mc in more detail. But if you are wondering where I read most of my manga you can check out this article – Where To Read Manga

11. The Strongest Florist

The Strongest Florist - GAme manga

This manhwa is about a boy who wants to become a florist in life, but his father doesn’t want him to. He is strictly against it. A virtual reality game is known as the “New World” allows its users to do whatever they want in the game. There are many roles to choose from in the game and even it lets you earn real money for its users. The main character solely focuses on being a sculptor in this virtual reality world.

Overall, it is a very good manga with game elements. The main character directly gets the first legendary class in the game and even becomes the first king in it. He is able to do impossible things that everyone can only dream of. I will highly recommend you read it.

10. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

This is a story about a boy who was in a lot of debt and used to work for a loan shark to who he was indebted. A new type of game where one can enter by dreaming was made. In that game the main character is invincible, but one day while doing his everyday grinding he got attacked by a group of people. Due to that attack, he lost all of his gears and also got killed. And dying in that world means again starting from level 1. All of this left him in huge debt.

Overall, this is a great manga, once you will start reading it you will be unable to stop reading until you finish all of its chapterss. The art and the story will leave a great impression on you.

9. I’m a Fake NPC

I’m a Fake NPC - manga with game elements

This manhwa is about a boy who gets trapped in a game world as an NPC. He was playing his game usually like he used to but due to a bug one time when he logged into the game, his data changed to of the tutorial NPC blacksmith. The main part is that he is the only blacksmith in the starting town. He thinks of this as an opportunity to make money.

Overall, it has a decent story not that bad, I’ll say you should check it out and see it for yourself if it fits you. Artwise and story-wise, this virtual reality is a decent one.

8. Overgeared

Overgeared - game manga

This is a story about a boy name Grid. He was always unlucky as a child, even when he grew up, he was unable to find a job. A new kind of virtual reality game known as “Satisfy” developed in Korea has begun to gain much popularity around the world. Grid who has always been unlucky started playing this game, but his bad luck didn’t even leave in the game. One day while hoping to clear the quest, he got captured by the issuer and put a crime against him. Later he gets a legendary class in the game and from there, his life totally starts to change.

Overall, it is one of the best game manga you will ever find. The story is very good and the character development of this manhwa is one of the best.

7. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

 The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

This manhwa tells the story of a boy named Weed. He is extremely poor and even his family was below the poverty line. After the development of technology, the world has now introduced virtual reality games. And now even by playing games, you can earn a lot of money. Weed takes this chance to start playing games again and dive into the virtual reality world. Soon he is able to get a hidden class “moonlight sculptor” inside the game.

Overall, this manhwa has a very good storyline and you will be much more be immersed in the game. The art and the overall plot are also really good, I’ll highly recommend you to try it out.

6. Taebaek The Tutorial Man

Taebaek The Tutorial Man - game manga

This is a tutorial NPC who is on the journey of finding his wife inside the game world. One day his wife was taken away by a group of people and he wasn’t able to do anything because he was weak. After doing his work in the game world he one day leaves his place and starts the search. At that point, all of his skills were of max level.

Overall, the story is really immersive and the art is very good and the plots are great as well. I would recommend that you read that one as well.

5. Virtual World Close Combat Mage

Virtual World Close Combat Mage

This is a story about a martial artist who was given a mage class in the game world. The main character wanted to play this game as a brawler, but because of his student, he got a mage class. Now he intends to play the game as a close combat mage because instead of fighting with magic he uses his fists.

Overall, we have a strong lead from the start who was not given any cheat system. I’ll highly recommend you to try this one on. This is one of the most underrated game manga with op mc.

4. Arcane Sniper

Arcane Sniper - game manga

This is a story about an army officer who lost his ability to walk. Since technology has made a huge advancement, there are now even virtual reality games available now. In this virtual reality world, our main character can use his leg even though he can’t use them in reality. But due to a fortune, he gets a musketeer class that no one picks about.

Overall, the story is very good, and just like another game manga, the Mc gets overpowered very quickly. It is a must-read list for everyone.

3. Sword Dance Online

Sword Dance Online

The main character was a top 10 player in the beta test of the game. But due to an accident, he got very injured and had his soul placed in the game by the doctors. In the game world instead of becoming a player, the system made him a monster. Now the main character plays the game like a monster and makes all players terrified of him.

Overall, it is a good game manga with great plots and the story is good and the art is very cool as well. I’ll highly recommend you try it.

2. Updater


This is a story about a blacksmith NPC whose village got accidentally by the moderators of the game. The NPC ‘Aidan’ and his sister also perished along with the data. But just as he was dying he awakened a new class known as moderator perms by which he now had the ability to change the data of the game. He swore that he will destroy the system just like they deleted his village.

It is a new game manga and overall it has a very good storyline even though it is new I’ll highly recommend you to try it.

1. Ranker’s Return (Remake)

Ranker's Return manga

It’s about a boy that nobody could get close to in games. He was the strongest game player in the manhwa but one day he suddenly deleted his character and left the game. Many people wanted to approach either by using money or connections but he used to reject each one of them. But one day his family business got ruined and his father passed away and his mother got sick. To repay the debt and earn a living he started the game again.

Overall, it is a great game manga to read and you will really love the character of Mc.

It was all for Virtual Reality Manga List

So these were some of the manga with game elements or game manga that you can start reading. And if you are looking for more manga like this check out this article – 10 best game type manga & manhwa

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