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In this article, I’m going to share with you the Top 10 Most Underrated Manga and Manhwa. Everybody knows popular manga and manhwa and even if you are new to manga then you will come to know of them eventually.

But what about all the manga that go unnoticed? Are they Bad? No, it isn’t. There are so many manga and manhwa that are released every year but most of them go unnoticed. It might be because they didn’t publicize it well or they might be from a small studio and can’t afford to spend more.

Manga takes a lot of time and effort to be made you can’t imagine the amount of effort is put into making them. And after putting so much time and effort if the author and artists see that their manga isn’t doing well they lose hope. But anyways we are not solely here to discuss this but to actually see some of these underrated manga that deserves more attention.

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List of 10 Most Underrated Manga and Manhwa

  • Nightmare World
  • Unknown Code
  • The Strongest Tang XuanZang
  • Living With One Leg
  • A Post Apocalyptic Journey
  • I’m a Monster
  • Last Word of The World
  • Ultimate Soldier
  • Lightning Degree
  • The Mask


10. Nightmare World

nightmare world underrated manga

It would be a really great idea to choose this one. If you are interested in manga overrun by monsters. The story starts by showing the protagonist boarding a plane. And after its flight, it was caught up in a used thunderstorm. And by the time when everyone opened their eyes, they have traveled hundred years, and the Earth that the people once dude doesn’t remain the Same.

There are monsters everywhere, and the protagonist then gets attacked by a monster. And as he was just about to die, He was saved by someone else and awakens a superpower. The art of this manure is truly great. And same goes for his story. Do try it out.

9. Unknown Code

unknown code underrated manga

If you are looking for a good underrated manhwa filled with Mysteries, Then this is your go-to list in this Manhwa. The Earth is under attack by unknown code that infiltrates digital devices to eradicate the human race To fight against this Unknown code. humans have developed a virtual game in which people go inside to counter them? Even though this is a virtual game, people can die for real if they die inside of it.

The protagonist of this manhwa is the top-level player known as a natural-born hero. He gets selected to fight these unknown codes. Be sure to check it out. It has a good amount of chapters to keep you entertained Number

8. The Strongest Tang XuanZang

the strongest tang XuanZang underrated manhwa

This is an underrated manga where the protagonist awakens a leveling system after transmigrating to another world, a story about the journey to the east. But in this manhua, is exactly the opposite of the original one. The plot of the story is much better than most Chinese manhua, but still, it has your typical protagonist.

The main thing that stands out in this manhua from others is its art. It has one of the best ads that you could ever see. And I will highly recommend you try it.

7. Living With One Leg

living with one leg

This is an underrated martial arts manhwa with over a hundred chapters. And as the title suggests, the protagonist of this manhwa has only one leg. When he was a child, he was part of the Wolf Clan. And aside from them, there was one other Clan known as the tiger Clan, and both of them were enemies of one another.

In his childhood. He made a friend with a person of tiger Clan, which later leads to an unexpected turn. It is a really good Manhwa, and I will highly recommend you try it out.

6. A Post-Apocalyptic Journey

post apocalyptic journey

If you are looking for a man with a ruthless main character, then this is for you. The story of this manhua is set in an apocalyptic world where the protagonist does everything to survive. He works as a mercenary and sells weapons and other stuff to those that could give him money and has a very bad reputation among common folks.

But during one trade, everything turns bad, and he gets attacked by those people. And in the end, he survives barely. I’m pretty sure you are gonna enjoy reading it.

5. I’m a Monster

I'm a monster underrated manhwa

This is one of the most underrated manhwa of its kind. The world that we know of has turned into a VR game where most people have turned into a zombie. And you must that have managed to resist the virus has turned into a game master and people from different world come to Earth to hunt them.

The story follows a normal apocalypse story, where earthlings fight against the otherworldly people and the zombies to survive. They also have a system that shows them the levels, skills, and other stuff. It is a pretty great manhwa try it out.

4. Last Word of the World

last word of the world

This is a really underrated manhwa. In this Manhwa the world that we know of doesn’t exist anymore. Everything on Earth was destroyed, and it was replaced by an entirely new world with totally different species. Now, instead of the humans, cyborgs and Beast Spirits live in the new world. And both of them have different abilities in which the cyborgs are mechanical machines and slightly stronger than the spirit based.

Because of that, the cyborg tries to make that spirit beasts their slave. I know that the title is that attractive, but the whole art of this Manhwa is And start story too I will highly recommend this one.

3. Ultimate Soldier

ultimate soldier underrated manga

Ultimate Soldier has been there, even before some of the most popular Manhwa In this story, The protagonist is the son of the strongest war hero. When he was a child, His father killed two S-Class war heroes and fled from the nation. Because of that, the kingdom suffered. a used blow due to this incident.

His son was mistreated and was bullied by everyone. In the village. Later, he awakens a spirit known as malice, and the story progresses from that point. It has one of the best at. And the picture that you have seen on the thumbnail is also from this one. Be sure to try it.

2. Lightning Degree

lightning degree underrated manga

Lightning Degree is one of the most underrated manga that has a good story, A strong male lead, and a good art When the protagonist was a child. His father passed away, along with everyone from his village. The protagonist was the sole survivor, and later one of the strongest martial arts masters Invited him to be his disciple, and he accepted it.

Later his master, instead of teaching him, makes him do the household course and sends him away to earn money for everyone. Sometimes it gets so funny that it will make you laugh. It is really good, but highly underrated

1. The Mask

the mask underrated manhwa

This is one of the most underrated manga with an overpowered protagonist. He was one of the worst students in his class. And by accident, He got a mask that no one wanted. But when he put it on, he got many different abilities in which controlling the gravity is one of them.

He can literally turn the world upside down, even when he is not in his strongest state. This is one of the best manhua But currently, it is on hiatus. It is a must-read underrated manga from this list.

A Word From Us

Here is a list of the 10 most underrated manga and manhwa that you should try out. We will keep updating this list in the future so that you people can enjoy reading more manga like these. And if you have any problems or have any suggestions to improve this article then please be sure to comment them down below.

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