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“Cultivation manga are trash”. These types of comments have become common on Social Media. If you are a manga reader then you will see these types of comments a lot.

I have been seeing these types of comments let it be the comment section of my YouTube channel or on Facebook.

Now the question is

  • Is Cultivation Manga really trash?
  • Is reading cultivation manga a waste of our time?
  • Should I Read Them?

If you are new to manga then seeing these type of comments will make you reconsider reading them.

You will think these types of manga are not good since others are saying ” Cultivation Manga/ Manhua are trash”.

Now personally I have been reading cultivation from the moment started having an interest in reading them. And the first manga that made me dive into the manga world was also a cultivation manga.

Are Cultivation Manga/ Manhwa Trash

Is Cultivation Manga, Manhua Really Trash?

No, cultivation manga/ manhua are not trash.

Cultivation is a genre just like magic is a genre in manga & anime. Cultivation refers to the protagonist trying to acquire immortality and/or supreme power by the accumulation and usage of Qi.

But why does so many people say that?

Well, to answer that I will have to say that – the reason why so many people say that cultivation manhua is trash because there are just so many of them.

And what it does is – It bores people out

Let’s say you found a new song and you like it, then you might hear it again and again on repeat. But one time will come when you don’t want to listen to them. Even sometimes it might irritate you.

The same thing is happening with this genre, there is literally a ton of cultivation manga out there and most of them follow the same story pattern.

That makes people to not read that type of cultivation manga anymore and over time they will think they are trash.

Should You Read Them?

Like I said there is literally so much cultivation mangas out there, But I didn’t say all of them are trash.

There is always some cultivation manga with a unique story that stands out from others when you read them. And that is when you read them.

I said if you read them. You are not gonna spot them out from their covers. And if you read one by one you might stop doing it altogether.

What can you do now?

Like I said you are only gonna find these hidden gems under these piles of rubbles by reading them.

But you can’t do that. But what you can do is ask others have they read any good Cultivation manga or manhua. Cause you can’t read every single of them and see if they are good, So you need to ask your friends out.

But I know not all of us has friends with the same interest as us.

How to find friends with same kind of interest as us?

In today’s era of internet and social media doing this is really easy.

We can connect with people with the same interests as us by using social media such as discord or Facebook or any other social media.

Like you can connect with me on Quora or YouTube – Noble Suggestions where I upload manga suggestions in video format.

I suggest the best manga suggestions and if you are looking for some good cultivation manga/ manhwa that are not trash check out our home page


To conclude, I’ll say that there are hundreds and thousands of cultivation manga/ manhua out there and it is hard and frustrating to find good ones among them.

But that doesn’t mean all cultivation manga/ manhua are trash. That was the main point of writing this blog.

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