Why People nowadays say – “Cultivation Manga, Manhua are Trash”?

Cultivation Manga has always been popular. But they are not that much wanted these days. Cultivation Manhua is getting ridiculed a lot on social media. People don’t want to read them anymore that much.

And I can understand it since all the cultivation manga follows the same pattern. People are getting bored with reading them. Let’s take music as an example.

We listen to 1 song a lot of time on repeat when we like it, but one time will come when we don’t want to listen to it anymore. We directly avoid playing it again.

The same thing is happening with Cultivation Manga / Manhua. Since there are just a lot of them and every single one of them follows the same story pattern. This cultivation manga/ manhua also keeps on featuring the same thing and there are hardly any changes in them.

I have read a lot of cultivation manhua/ manga and am still reading them. So I would like to say that since there are a lot of the people cannot separate good ones in that large group. And in the end, they just say Cultivation manga/ manhua are trash.

So in this article, I’ll share with you 10 good cultivation manhua/manga that is top tier among their list. And if you want to know where I read all of my manga check this post out – Where to read Manga.

Check out this video from our YOUTUBE channel – Noble Suggestions

A video from our YouTube Channel – Noble Suggestions

10 Best Underrated Cultivation Manhua/Manga

  • Banished Disciple Counterattack
  • Demand Killer
  • Everlasting God Of Sword
  • Hunter & Snow
  • Life and Death: The Awakening
  • Lord, It Doesn’t Matter
  • Material And Spiritual World
  • One Sword Reigns Supreme
  • Chaos Alchemist
  • Path Of The Shaman

Now we will discuss these cultivation manga/ manhua in more details.

10. Banished Disciple Counterattack

10 Cultivation Manga / Manhua that are not trash

Banished Disciple Counterattack cultivation manga summary:

The main character of this cultivation manga was very loyal towards his sect. The task that was given to him by his sect was to guard the spiritual field. But during a fight with the enemies of the sect, the spiritual field was completely destroyed. Because of this reason, the sect banished him.

The protagonist was always loyal to the sect and he dedicated used to work for the sect. Due to this, he thought that all of the peers who have worked with him would protect him but they didn’t even consider him in much.

Overall, it is a decent cultivation manhua to try out. The art of this manhua is also top notch.

9. Demand Killer

10 Cultivation Manga / Manhua that are not trash

Demand Killer cultivation manga Summary:

The main character of this manhua is the best assassin. One day while taking a request he killed the issuer of the request and fled from the site. The assassin guild issued an order to kill him since he not only failed to keep the request but also killed the one who issued it.

The reason the main character killed the issuer was that he always used to keep changing the request again and again. The guild could not kill him. A few years went by and one day a girl approached him for a request. She used to work as an artist, but one day a request came by to draw a perfect girl. After submitting the painting, the issuer kept making excuses and refused to pay for them. The assassin took the request, and many unexpected things happened during this mission. They mainly focused the story on this reason.

8. Everlasting God Of Sword

everlasting god of sword 25498

Everlasting God Of Sword cultivation manhua Summary:

The main character of this cultivation manhua was born as a genius as a cultivator. At a very young age, he showed his talent in cultivation, which made the entire world speechless. When he grew a little older, he started challenging people who were reckoned for their strength. After defeating them one by one, his reputation kept increasing more and more. One day when he challenged the strongest cultivator he barely defeats him.

Although he killed the demonic cultivator, his own meridians ruptured, which made him a cripple. This is how the world-renowned genius tale ended. But after few months the main character rises again and shows much more strength that even the entire world wasn’t his opponent anymore.

7. Cultivation Through Science

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Cultivation Through Science manhua Summary:

If you are looking for an overall decent cultivation manga to just make you laugh, then you might try this out. The overall plots are hilarious and it is a decent cultivation manhua. The main character Qin Yuan traveled to the world of cultivation. In this world, he becomes the peak master of a sect with the help of a system that he was given.

After becoming the sect master, he used to tell people to learn maths, physics, and chemistry to become good cultivators. If you want to travel the entire world with no fear.

6. Life and Death: The Awakening

10 Cultivation Manga / Manhua that are not trash

Life and Death: The Awakening cultivation manga summary:

The main character of this cultivation manhua is the youngest and most renowned scholar. He passed the civil service exam twice, and he also has connections with several officials and Kings. But everything the world knows about him is wrong. He is the successor of the HwaSan sect. One day he amazes the entire world when few people came to his place to kill disciples of a sect who came to take refuge in his place.

This day he revealed his overwhelming power to the whole world. After hiding his identity for such a long time the whole world was turned to chaos. Several people came out and fight breaking out became common.

5. Apotheosis

principles of heavens 24049

Apotheosis Cultivation manhua summary:

It is undoubtedly one of the best cultivation manga you will ever come across. The main character Luo Zheng became the slave of his family after his father went missing. One day he finds a secret diary left by his father. After holding the book several patterns emerged from that book and merged with his body. He finds out that there is a cauldron inside his body now in which 9 dragons live.

With the help given by the dragons, he can overcome several adversities and rises in the world. Overall, like I said, it is one of the best cultivation manhua you will ever come across.

4. Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

10 Cultivation Manga / Manhua that are not trash

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect cultivation manhua summary:

Mount Hua Sect was one of the greatest sects of the world. During the battle with the Demonic Sect “Chung Myung”, one of the 3 greatest swordsmen defeated the sect leader of the demonic sect. After the battle, he finally died over the bodies of his fellow disciples. Most of the strongest people of his sect died along with him. When he finally thought that he died, he gets reborn in a body of a child after 100 years of battle.

After being reborn, he tried to get back to his sect. He soon finds out that Mount Hua Sect has fallen. He returns to his sect and takes command of everything and rebuilds the sect again.

3. One Sword Reigns Supreme

one sword reigns supreme 56806

One Sword Reigns Supreme cultivation manga summary:

The family of the protagonist is really cruel to him and his sister. The head elder of the family crushed the dantian that made him a cripple. Accidentally he entered the Tower of Boundless Hell because of a ring given by his mother. With the help of the instructor, he practices the sword to become stronger so that no one can ever bully him or his sister.

Overall, it really a great cultivation manga to try out. The main character can do absolutely anything to protect his loved ones. It is a must-read for every otaku.

2. Chaos Alchemist

10 Cultivation Manga / Manhua that are not trash

Chaos Alchemist cultivation manhua summary:

This cultivation manhua is very similar to the battle through the heavens. The main character was a cultivation genius, but one day he lost all of his cultivation because of a seal placed on his hand. All the people that he thought started to make trouble for him. The sect decided to banish him and made him an outer disciple that will work in the farm.

Everything changes when he discovers the secret of the seal and what could he achieve with it. Overall, it is a very good cultivation manga with a great art style.

1. Path Of The Shaman

10 Cultivation Manga / Manhua that are not trash

Path Of The Shaman cultivation manga summary:

The main character was dying of old age. He was one of the most ruthless and strongest characters in the world. But even he can’t overcome death. While waiting for his death, his disciple finally finds him the immortal grass that could prolong his life. Bud sadly just as he was about to eat it grim reaper finally visited him and took his soul away.

After that, the main character finally discovers that he was reborn in the body of a young disciple of the shaman sect. He wanted to leave the sect but since he was already here he decided to become the strongest disciple of the sect.

Which Cultivation Manga Should you start with?

I’ll say you can start with any of them since they are not in order. But my favorite is Path Of The Shaman & One Sword Reigns Supreme you can start with these two.

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Hope it was all helpful to you. Thanks for Reading.

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