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In this article, I’ll share with you the 10 best-completed manga & manhwa that you should be reading in 2021.

Most of the completed manga & manhwa I’ll be suggesting today will be of the action genre. Also, all of this completed manga & manhwa are best handpicked by us. So you don’t need to worry about the story.

Also, you can refer to this article on our website – Best App for reading Manga. If you want to find out where I read most of my manga.

10 Best Completed Manga & Manhwa List:

  • Biomega
  • Asura
  • Kengan Asura
  • Hellper
  • Painkiller
  • The Road Of Karma
  • Gantz
  • Gosu
  • Shaman King
  • Baki

Now we will discuss in more details about all of these best completed manga & manhwa series.

10. Biomega

Biomega completed manga

Biomega Summary:

This completed manhwa follows the story in the distant future (3005 A.D). The new type of infection is (NS5) is spreading across the world. To get the cure of this infection an organization is trying to kidnap Kanoe Zouichi who has a special ability to integrate into his bike. But unfortunately, the people that were sent by the organization get delayed by the Public Health Departments’ reckless action.

The person that they were trying to kidnap unexpectedly disappears. Now all of the task force is trying to find him to the best of their abilities. It is a really good completed manga and I will also recommend you to read Blame!

9. Asura

asura completed manhwa

Asura Summary :

The story follows the main character Asura who is the king of Hell. He was the strongest being in Naraka and no one was his opponent there. One day he hears that Indira is the strongest being in the world. So Asura decides to fight him, but to meet him he needs to leave Naraka. But one day some other god takes all of his equipment and arm and leaves in the human world.

He also took all of his powers and if he wants to get them back then he needs to do the task given by him. Overall, it has a decent story and it is based on Indian mythologies. It is also a completed manga series.

8. Kengan Asura

Kengan Asura completed maga

Kengan Asura Completed manga Summary:

In the history of Japan during the Edo period, the gladiator arena used to exist where rich people and wealthy businessmen used to hold fights. These people used to hire gladiators to fight in the arena unarmed. In this type of fight the winner used to take all of the bets from the loser.

In this type of fight, Toki Taouma (nickname – Ashura) used to devastate his opponents in the arena. His way of fighting catches the attention of all of the people that used to watch the fight. Even the richest business owner of Nogi Group, Nogi Hideki shows attention towards him. From then on the story progresses.

A Sequel to Kengan Asura. Takes place 2 years after the tournament. By the name of Kengan Omega and it is ongoing.

7. Hellper

hellper completed manga

Hellper Summary:

This is a completed manhwa don’t mistake it for a manga because of its art. The story is about a leader of a biker gang that dies and is sent to hell. In hell, he is given a quest to collect 100 bracelets from the souls that are just like him. The story is very interesting and it has even come into controversy because of one of its plots.

It is a good completed manhwa you will really enjoy it. The only thing you need to do is just start with its chapter and you will feel getting more and more immersed in it.

6. Painkiller


Painkiller completed Manga Summary:

It is a completed manga series. It has a really powerful main character who has the ability to transfer his pain to others and can transfer other’s pain to himself too. the main character has a very bad past his fiance was killed because of the plots of the angels and now he is on the path of revenge.

The world always used to be in chaos until angel arrived. The angels told the humans that they will bring justice to the world. But everything they said was a lie. It’s a good completed manhwa series to read.

5. The Road Of Karma

completed manga

The Road Of Karma summary:

The story is about a librarian who has got cancer. One day when he was meditating near a lake he suddenly falls into it and finds that he has now transported to a different world. This world is filled with a lot of mana and he finds that while meditating he can feel ki which can help him to recover from cancer.

The story is very interesting to read and you only need to start reading it. The way the story has been presented will leave you speechless you might even crave for more chapters but sadly the author has stopped it.

4. Catharsis

catharsis completed manhwa

Catharsis Summary:

Whenever the main character used to fall asleep, he would find himself in someone’s else body in a dream. One day he gets stuck in a person who is mute and now whenever he sleeps, he finds himself in the same body. One day in the real world when he was delivering stuff to one of the customers. He finds strange creatures (demons) that he used to see in his dream. From that point on he finds about demons are real.

Overall, the story is pretty interesting and it is a complete manhwa and I’ll highly recommend you to try this on. The art of this manhwa is very good and the story is worth your time.

3. Noblesse

completed manga

Noblesse Completed Manga Summary:

The main character of this manhwa Rai wakes up after 800 years after his slumber. Rai is actually the noble lord or to say Noblesse who is considered even above the noble lord. After waking up after so many years the world totally changes for him. Many things are completely new for him. While taking a stroll he finds Frankenstein, who actually used to serve him 800 years ago.

Overall, we have a very OP Mc, and the feeling that you will get while reading this is totally worth it. This is one of the best-completed manhwa that you will ever find. I will highly recommend you try it out.

2. Autophagy Regulation

Autophagy Regulation complete manhwa

Autophagy Regulation completed manga Summary:

Ryan the main character of this manga was just a simple police officer. One day while solving one case he got involved in something that completely changed his life view. He accidentally received a power called “Blessing” that changes everything for him. Things that no normal human would think would exist. It is really funny at times too,

Overall, it is just some of the best-completed manga that you will ever find. Once you start reading it you will not be able to press that back button of your phone. It is a must-read for every manga reader.

1. Baki

baki completed manga

Baki Summary:

The main character of this manga is generally a happy student with an odd hobby, He likes to fight. He usually goes to an underground fighting club where most of the world-renowned fighter comes. He likes to fight basically anyone. Most of them enjoy fighting, it is like a hobby to him that he won’t want to forget.

Overall, it is a very great manga and very famous too. It even has its anime adaptation, so if you want to see live-action and fights, then you can consider watching its anime too.Which Completed Manga should you start from?

Best Completed Manga To get you started

I’ll say all of the completed manga & manhwa are the best of their category, but my personal favorite is Gosu you can also start reading from that completed manhwa. You can also choose as your first pick from the list as well it is also good.

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Hope you enjoy reading all of this manga and you can also check out our YouTube channel – Noble Suggestions for more amazing updates

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