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In today’s time, who is not a sucker for romance stories? We are all searching for true love stories around us. To fill the void in our hearts, we resort to fictional stories. And what could be better than modern romance manhwa with a beautiful art style?

In this article, we will be providing you with some amazing modern romance manhwa recommendations that will definitely make your heart swoon. These manhwas have love, romance, fluff, drama, and angst. Keep reading to find out your next read.

1. See You In My 19th Life (Manhwa)

See You In My 19th Life - modern romance manhwa recommendations
  • Alternative Title: Let’s Meet In The Next Life; Please Take Care Of Me In This Life As Well; Please Take Care Of This Student
  • Authors: Lee, Hye
  • Status: Completed
  • Chapters: 115+
  • Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Fantasy/ Supernatural/ Webtoons
  • Where To Read: Webtoon Entertainment

This is a story of a woman who remembers all her past lives. Jieum Ban died in an accident and was not able to enjoy her life to the fullest. When she died, it was her 18th life. In her 19th life, she was determined to reconnect with people of her past life. Now, she is going to meet Seoha Moon, who loved her in her previous life.

Seoha has past trauma. What will happen when both cross paths? This manhwa has maturely dealt with the concept of losing someone and again finding them. The characters are also very well written. It is one of the best modern romance manhwa recommendations to try out.

2. Positively Yours (Manhwa)

Positively Yours manhwa
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Lee, Jung; Kang Ki
  • Genre: Romance/ Josei/ Drama/ Slice of Life/ Webtoons
  • Chapters: 83+
  • Where To Read: Tapas

What could be worse than getting pregnant with a person you do not know at all? Well the main lead, Hee-won, had a one-night stand with a complete stranger. She was devastated by the news of her best friends dating each other, and to stop herself from drowning in sorrow, she met a cute stranger.

Later she realized that she is pregnant. Mr. Stranger was unaware of her situation. What is going to happen to both of them? This is one of the best modern romance manhwa and the story is also well-written. Also, the male lead is a complete green flag.

3. Daybreaking Romance (Manhwa)

Daybreaking Romance manhwa
  • Alternative Title: Dawning Romance; Break Of Dawn Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Yuwol
  • Genre: Romance/ Webtoons/ Comedy/ School Life/ Slice Of Life
  • Chapters: 29
  • Where To Read: Gobooki Books

A big, scary-looking lovestruck guy is lovestruck by Seo Gwangchae. Dong Saebyeok is head over heels for his junior. The girl he has a crush on is his complete opposite. She is cool and badass, whereas Dong is a shy person. But something happens between them when Dong is completely drunk.  This manhwa is very refreshing to read and has campus romance.

4. An Hour Of Romance (Manhwa)

An Hour Of Romance manhwa
  • Alternative Title: 1/24 Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Authors: Kim, Myeongmi
  • Genre: Romance/ Comedy/ Webtoons
  • Chapters: 142+
  • Where To Read: Tappytoon

All the slow-burn romance lovers can definitely give this manhwa a read. Both the leads are polar opposites. Jooahn is a bossy lady who follows rules and has strong ethics.  Unlike Jooahn, Dojin is super sweet and always messes up tasks assigned to him. One day, during a temple visit, something otherworldly happened and now they swap their bodies for 1 hour each day.

The worst part is, there is no particular time for swapping bodies. The plot of soul swapping is kind of similar to the storyline” Your Name” anime. However, the storyline is different. Both have to bear 1 hour in each other’s bodies. But in the meantime, they will get to know more about each other. This manhwa has slow-burn office romance.

5. What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim? (Manhwa)

What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?
  • Alternative Title: Why Secretary Kim; Why Would Secretary Kim Do That?
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Kim, Myeongmi; Jung, Kyung-Yoon
  • Genre: Comedy/ Romance / Josei
  • Chapters: 98
  • Where To Read: Tappytoon

Lee Young-Joon is the vice president of one of the top corporations in Korea.  He has everything, from wealth to intelligence. The only downside is that he is narcissistic. The only person who can stand him is his secretary, Kim Mi-so.  

Now the only person who has survived self-absorbed Mr. Joon’s behavior is resigning. And Mr. Joon is still in denial. This modern romance manhwa has a lot of drama and is slow-paced at the start. The backstory characters are quite interesting as well.

6. True Beauty (Manhwa)

True Beauty - modern romance manhwa recommendations
  • Alternative Title: Descent Of A Goddess
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Authors: Kim, Na-Young
  • Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
  • Chapters: 247+
  • Where To Read: Webtoon Entertainment

Lim Jugyeong has always been bullied for her average looks. To hide her true self from the world, she resorted to makeup. She has to hide her secret from others. Only Lee Suho, who is a transfer student has seen her face without makeup. Now Lim must do everything to hide this fact from everyone. This modern romance manhwa raises the very debatable topic of what is true beauty. Is it inside us or is it on our faces?

7. The Makeup Remover (Manhwa)

The Makeup Remover manhwa
  • Alternative Title: The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Lee, Yeon
  • Genre: Comedy/ Romance
  • Chapters: 40+
  • Where To Read: Line Webtoon

This is a manhwa about a photography student named Kim Yeseul and a makeup artist named Cheon Yuseong. Kim is a studious girl who is always told to focus more on her studies. Cheon is a genuine makeup artist who is looking for a person with whom he can practice his skills.

They both meet at a parlor, and they team up for an upcoming competition called “Face-off Cinderella.” How they will achieve their objectives and how the romance will find its place in their lives is yet to be seen. Also, this manhwa has a beautiful message that makeup is only used as a form of expression and empowerment.

8. Something About Us (Manhwa)

Something About Us manhwa
  • Alternative Title: Woori, Our Relationship Is
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Lee, Yunji
  • Genre: Romance/ Slice Of Life/ Josei/ Comedy
  • Chapters: 115
  • Where To Read: Lezhin

This is a perfect read for those who like the best friends-to-lovers theme. Both the main leads have been close friends since childhood. As they are growing up, they get closer and closer. This manhwa has a love triangle, which will make you feel conflicted at first. It has campus romance, misunderstandings, and lots of angst.

It is one of the best modern romance manhwa with a really good story and art. Make sure you read it because it is really worth your time.

9. Daytime Star (Manhwa)

Daytime Star manhwa
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Authors: Chae-Eun; Godago
  • Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Shoujo
  • Chapters: 77+
  • Where To Read: Webtoon Entertainment

Hwang Yura has always wanted to be a big star. Despite her efforts, she could not get a major breakthrough role. She also got betrayed by her ex. During a minor role in a movie, she again met the famous and gorgeous-looking actor Kang Seunghyeon.  How romance will ensue between them is yet to be seen. This manhwa modern romance is wholesome, and the main leads are also likable.

10. If You Give Me A Flower, I’ll Give You Myself (Manhwa)

If You Give Me A Flower, I'll Give You Myself manhwa
  • Alternative Title: Give Me A Flower And I Will Give You All Of Me
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Jo, Yujin; Homil
  • Genre: Romance/ Slice Of Life/ Webtoons
  • Chapters: 67
  • Where To Read: Tappytoon

Haewon is a botanist, and she has been searching for a rare flower. She is also suffering from a terminal brain tumor, and she is going to die soon. However, she has only one wish, which is to find a rare flower. On the other hand, Eunseong is running away from his life because he does not want to inherit his father’s company.

Both of them then crossed paths in the middle of a desert. What is going to happen to both of them and will they end up together? The couple in this manhwa has good chemistry between them. It is one of the best modern romance manhwa recommendations to try out.

11. A Business Proposal (Manhwa)

A Business Proposal manhwa
  • Alternative Title: The Office Blind Date
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Haehwa; Narak
  • Genre: Comedy/ Romance/ Drama / Slice Of Life/ Webtoons
  • Chapters: 124
  • Where To Read: Tapas

Shin Ha Ri goes on a blind date on behalf of her best friend because her best friend’s father keeps setting her up on blind dates. Shin has only one mission: to scare off the suitor. However, the suitor is none other than the newly appointed CEO of her company, Kang Tae-mu. And it seems that Mr. CEO is interested in her as he has proposed to her. This manhwa even has a Netflix Kdrama adaptation.

Make sure you try out this amazing modern romance manga. You can even consider watching the Kdrama adaptation if you would like to.

12. Romance 101 (Manhwa)

Romance 101 manga
  • Alternative Title: A Guide To Proper Dating
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Namsu
  • Genre: Comedy Romance
  • Chapters: 159
  • Where To Read: Webtoons Entertainment

The story is about university students, Jung Bareum and Na Yuyeon. Both are polar opposites. Whereas Jung is a dedicated person who lives her life to the fullest, Yuyeon never takes his life seriously. He keeps getting late for classes and is fond of online games. Also,  Jung is on a mission to find a romantic partner for herself. And the probability of them dating is narrow. Will she find romance in her life?

13. 101 Ways To Win Her Heart (Manhwa)

101 Ways To Win Her Heart manhwa
  • Alternative Title: 101 Ways To Flirt With Her
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Author: Hwang Min; Team Black
  • Genre: Webtoons / Romance/ Josei
  • Chapters: 40

Minyoung is working as a lingerie designer. And she is set up for a blind date by her company’s CEO. She reluctantly said yes to the blind date. Her blind date is a guy named Donghwa who has the audacity to ignore her during their date. And now he is suggesting she meet again.

What Minyoung is unaware of is that Donghwa already met her 10 years ago. Now Donghwa is determined to win her heart. This manhwa modern romance is really good and has a little family drama as well.


In this article, we have tried to share some of the best modern romance manhwa we have read over the years. All of these modern romance manhwa recommendations have one of the best storylines that will touch your heart. Make sure you read them all and let us know which one you liked the most.

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