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Isekai manga is what we manga readers love and enjoy reading. So for you guys, this list is gonna contain the 10 best isekai manga you should be reading in 2021.

First of all what do you mean by Isekai Manga?

So to answer that isekai means “different world” or “otherworld” and this is a genre of light novels, manga, anime, and video games.

Where a person from the earth is transported to a different fantasy world and he must adapt to the otherworld culture and begin his new life there. So today Noble Suggestions brings you a list of the 10 best handpicked isekai manga that you shouldn’t miss reading in 2021.

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10 isekai manga list are

  • Her Summon
  • I Picked Up An Attribute
  • Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World
  • The Dungeon Master
  • The Live
  • Young Sorcerer Master
  • God of Martial Arts
  • Hellper
  • Global Martial Arts
  • The Beginning After The End

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10. Her Summon

Her Summon : isekai manhwa

Her Summon Manga summary:

This is one of the best isekai manga with the best art. The story is about a boy who has social trauma. One day he gets summoned to another world as a spirit. The girl that summoned him asked him to defeat the giant monsters that have taken over her world. The main character thought that he was dreaming so he just threw whatever he had in his hand. And just by throwing those big monsters get defeated.

Overall, it has very stunning art and great visuals. The main character is very overpowered however the story of this isekai manhwa is a bit lacking. It is not able to keep up with good plots as it did at the start.

9. I Picked Up An Attribute

I picked up an attribute

I Picked Up An Attribute summary:

The main character of this isekai manga was one of the best gamers on earth. But one day he accidentally gets summoned to another world with a cheat ability. He is able to learn whatever he sees in the otherworld. He is also given a system to help him out with his everyday things. The story of this manhua takes place in a murim world.

Overall. the start of this isekai manhua was quite good but the student is not that immersive. The starting plots and the art is quite good. It also had ecchi in it and beautiful girls too.

8. Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

Survival story of the sword king : isekai manhwa

Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World summary:

When the main character was returning from his army duty he accidentally gets summoned with a thousand other people. Without knowing why he is sent to another world with a broken system that only shows errors. With this broken system, there was no way that he could survive but he didn’t give up. He relied on himself rather than the system and becomes so powerful that no monsters could defeat him.

Overall, it will make you too much hyped once you start reading it but as the story continues it gets a little boring. The main character hides his power from others. The otherworld people are considered as a threat in this new world.

7. The Dungeon Master

The dungeon master

The Dungeon Master summary:

The main character of this manga used to work in a store. One day he sees that someone was drowning in the lake outside the store. he quickly leaves his post and runs to save her life. After jumping into the lake he remembers that he himself doesn’t know how to swim and dies by drowning. But due to his kindness, he was given another chance to live in a different world. In the other world, he got a system but he was born as the lowest level creature as a brick eater.

Overall, the story is really interesting and the art of this isekai manga is very good. It has a different story compared to other isekai manga. This is what makes it to stand out over the others.

6. The Live

The live : isekai manhwa

The Live summary:

The whole family of the main character was killed by a murderer. The main character tried very hard to find the criminal but one day he totally forgets all about it. While returning from his work he finds a diary that had some unexpected thing written on it. The main character chose to believe what was written in the diary and by following the instruction he gets transferred to another world.

Overall, the story of this isekai manga is totally breathtaking. It is filled with a lot of action and is based on the survival of the fittest. This isekai manhwa has a very immersive story and a smart MC.

5. Young Sorcerer Master

Young sorcerer master

Young Sorcerer Master summary:

The main character of this isekai manga was the strongest sorcerer but one day he was ordered to get executed because he read the secret manual of his family. That manual was banned by the ancestors fo his family so he was executed because of that. However his mother manages to save him and send him to another world. The main character’s mother was also killed because of helping him. The mc finally decides to take revenge for whatever happened to him.

Overall, it has a decent story with not that great of a art. The story takes place in the modern earth where he depends on the spirits that wander in this world.

4. God of Martial Arts

God of martial arts

God of Martial Arts summary:

The main character of this isekai manga dies in a car accident. However, his soul transfers to a different person’s body in another world. The person to whom this body belongs has the same name as him from his previous world. In this new world, everything is dependent on strength. Only the strong have the right to decide other’s fate. The owner of the body had a weak cultivation spirit that;s why he died by one of his cousins.

Overall, it has a great story with a smart MC. In this world, he will cultivate hard to rise above the others. It has very great art and plots. You will love it when you start reading it.

3. Hellper


Hellper summary:

The main character of this isekai manga was the leader of the bikers gang. One day he dies and finds himself in hell. If he wants to reincarnate then he will have to collect bracelets from the soul who are just like him. This contains a lot of action and is a complete webtoon series. You will really enjoy reading it.

(NOTE : It is a complete now so it get any new chapters)

2. Global Martial Arts

Global martial arts : isekai manga

Global Martial Arts Manhua summary:

After dying the main character revives back on earth but the one he is in right now is parallel earth. In this work social status of everyone depends on martial arts. The higher your cultivation level is the more you will get respect from others. After few days of staying in this world, the main character soon discovers his cheat skills. This cheat skill of his helps him to stand out from the others in the long run.

Overall, it has a great story as well as the art. They have even announced that they will be introducing dungeons in later chapters. It is one of the best isekai manga out there. Try it!

1. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning after the end

The Beginning After The End summary:

This isekai manga has now become one of the most popular manga out there, counting its readers in millions. The main character King Greygets transferred to another world after dying. He was on the pinnacle of martial arts but this world is mainly based on magic. So he decides to learn magic and live his new life peacefully. However this was never possible to begin with, he gets tangled up many unexpected things.

Overall, it is the best isekai manhwa out there with millions of read worldwide. The story is really great with a awesome characters present in it. The main character of this manga is very smart despite being a child because of his knowledge from his previous world.

A Word From Us

There are a lot of isekai manga present and we can’t really mention all of them in one list. For now we have only mentioned 10 of them in this post and we can guarantee that you will like them. Also if you have other suggestions or any question for us then please comment them down below. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible

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