In this article, I’ll share the top 12 Manga/Manhwa where MC can copy skills/talents/powers.

In these types of manhwa/manga, the main character can copy/steal/absorb the talents or skills of his opponents or other people. These are always very cool to read because it shows the main character’s development where they become stronger by copying others’ skills.

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Top 12 Manga/Manhwa Where MC Can Copy Skills/Talents/Powers

  • Attribute Extractor
  • It Feels So Wrong To Bite People
  • Super Cube
  • I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities
  • SSS-Class Gacha Hunter
  • Your Talent is Mine
  • Devil Up
  • Book Eating Magician
  • SSS-Class Suicide Hunter
  • Talent Swallowing Magician
  • I Obtained a Mythic Item
  • Tiger’s Decent

Here’s a list of the Top 12 Manga/Manhwa Where mc can copy skills/talents/powers. Now we will discuss all of these manhwa in more detail.

12. I Obtained a Mythic Item

I Obtained a Mythic Item

The main character of this manhwa was one of a renowned warrior class hunter but with time the importance of magicians started increasing. The main character wasn’t even able to earn enough to make a living. One day he takes a risk and enters a dungeon but there he is able to obtain a mythic item before dying. After his death, the item sends him to the past and also grants him the ability to copy other’s skills.

It is a really good dungeon manhwa where mc can copy skills of other players. The main character of this manhwa is also very smart and the art is also top tier so please give this a try.

11. Tiger’s Decent

Tiger's Decent

The main character of this manhwa was just a normal person who was unaware of his own powers. One day he gets attacked by different kinds of entities that hide between humans by taking a human form. Right after he gets attacked his guardian spirit senses the danger and saves him. Little by little the main character starts to discover the abnormality within the society and his own strength.

It is a decent manhwa where mc can copy abilities and power of other entities and makes them his own. The art of this manhwa is also top-tier be sure to try this one out.

10. Attribute Extractor

Attribute Extractor - manhwa where mc can copy skills

The protagonist, Gu Shaoyang, was a cultivator with mediocre talent. After almost getting kicked out of his sect, he somehow obtains the ability to extract other people’s power and fuse it with himself. Now with this ability, he copies the skills of all of the cultivation geniuses and becomes the strongest cultivator of them all.

It is a manhwa where mc can copy skills/talent/powers of others and becomes the strongest in the cultivation world. So if you have nothing else to read then try reading it.

9. It Feels So Wrong To Bite People

It Feels So Wrong To Bite People

More than a hundred years have passed since spiritual energy was discovered, and the world became a place for powerful people. here, power is the hierarchy. The main character, Ling Luan, wanted to be an ordinary person. but unfortunately, one day he dies at the hands of the monster. while on the brink of death a system gets suddenly activated and revives him, following him in his journey as he tries to utilize his second chance given to him. 

It is one of the best manga where the mc can copy skills/talents of others to become powerful. so if you have nothing else to read, you can try this.

8. Super Cube

Super Cube - Manga where mc can copy skills

Wang Xiaoxiu was an ordinary student who wins the affection of his crush and thus pisses off a gang leader who liked the same girl. He gets hunted down by the gang and is then thrown in a river after getting harshly beaten. He was about to lose his life but gets saved by a mysterious cube that gave him superpowers. Now with a power like no other, he decides to help people by punishing evil and getting stronger in the process.

It is one of the best manhwa where mc can copy skills which is very rare to find. The main character is ordinary at the start but he goes through character development and becomes smart and powerful. There are also many comedy scenes in this manhua that will make you laugh throughout the story.

7. I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities

I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities

In order to get revenge for his sister, Yang Xi vows to make those who hurt her pay in blood. By using the cheat ability that allows him to steal the power of others, he grows from a weak boy to the leader of a cross-dimensional organization. Now, using both strength and strategy, he starts to defeat the dark forces one by one, taking all the powers into him and becoming the ruler of the supernatural world that everyone looks up to.

The art of this manhwa where mc can copy skills is above average but its story is quite good. The protagonist is smart and mature from the start. And although he starts off weak, he turns strong after a few chapters.

6. SSS-Class Gacha Hunter

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter - manhwa where mc can copy skills/talent

After spending all of his wealth to become a hunter, the protagonist Jin Jeongdo was only able to awaken 3 skills and none of them were useful in combat. But just when he thought everything was over, he receives a miracle as a present from the real universe and becomes the luckiest hunter on earth.

The art of this manhwa is good and its story is also unique. The main character is weak at the start but becomes stronger really quickly. And after becoming stronger, he goes through character development and becomes smart with time. It is a good dungeon and hunter manhwa be sure to try it out.

5. Your Talent is Mine

Your Talent is Mine

The main character Ye tian awakens a low-level talent but later he finds out that his talent allows him to copy other people’s talents. So, in order to survive and protect his sister from the invasion of an alien beast, he decides to become stronger and begins exploring the dangerous world of monsters, and gradually reveals the secret behind the alien invasion.

It is one of the best manga/manhwa where mc can copy skills/talents/powers. The main character is smart and uses his power only when it is necessary and takes accurate measures before taking an action. So, if you haven’t read it now, then I’ll recommend you give it a try.

4. Devil Up

Devil Up - manga where mc can copy skills/powers

The main character, Silas Reinheart, cursed the gods and blamed them for the horror that had struck his village. He always believed that the Harlem heroes would protect the country, but when a monster attacked his village no one came to protect them. Now, Silas finds himself in hell, doomed to perish forever after his death. He thought he would rot in hell for eternity But when the devil offered Silas a deal, his fate was altered. 

He can return to the world one more time, but he will have to collect souls as the devil’s spawn, but if he refuses the offer, then he will rot in hell for eternity. It’s a great manga where mc can copy skills/abilities. The main character is weak at the start but he later becomes stronger. So if you haven’t read this till now then you should give it a try.

3. Book Eating Magician

Book Eating Magician

The main protagonist, Theodore Miller knew everything about magic but was not talented when it came to its practical use. But his life changes completely when he finds a super powerful grimoire named “Gluttony” that manifests as a magic-hungry creature on his hand. Now Theo lives under the constant threat of being eaten alive however he finally has a chance to become a real magician.

It’s one of the best manhwa where mc can copy skills/abilities. The main character is weak at the beginning but gets stronger quickly after obtaining the grimoire. He is mature and smart and uses his powers in the most efficient way possible. So if you haven’t read this till now then I’ll definitely recommend you to try it out.

2. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Kim Gong-Ja always dreamt of becoming the strongest hunter by obtaining a rare S-class skill. His wish was fulfilled and he gets a high-rank skill that allowed him to copy the skills of other hunters but only at the cost of his life. To make the situation worse, he gets killed by the Number 1 hunter, the flame emperor on the same day of obtaining his skill. But, this actually turns into a blessing, as the skill he copied from the flame emperor allowed him to travel back in time after dying.

It is one of the best manga where mc can copy skills to become powerful. He is smart and takes full advantage of his skills. So if you haven’t read this till now then you are missing a very good manhwa.

1. Talent Swallowing Magician

Talent Swallowing Magician - Manhwa where mc can copy skills

The main character, Elric Melvinger, was the only heir to the prestigious magic family. Although he possessed high innate talent, he had a rare disease that prevented his body from using mana and as such he couldn’t learn any magic. However, while exploring an ancient cave, he receives the power left by his ancestors which allows him to swallow demons and make a part of their power into his own.

The art of this manhwa is top-tier and the story is also good. The main character is a genius and hides his power until he becomes strong. He remains calm all the time and uses all sorts of strategies to get out of the situation that he finds himself in.

A Word From Us

In this article, we have shown you the Top 10 Manga/Manhwa where mc can copy skills/talents/power. If you have any more suggestions you can comment them down below or if you find any errors be sure to comment them down as well so that we can make appropriate changes.

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