In this article, we are gonna share with you some of the best manhwa/manga where mc is a necromancer. Over the years we have read many manhwa among them some manhwa featured the protagonist with necromancer ability.

The necromancer ability is a very powerful skill that makes the protagonist overpowered by having the ability to summon undead which is very helpful during battle. So in this article, we will share 16 manhwa with necromancer mc to try out.

15+ Manga With Necromancer Mc

16. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker manhwa

“Ranker Who Lives A Second Time” is a South Korean webtoon by Nong Nong. The story follows the life of a man named Yeon-woo, who was once the strongest and most respected warrior in his world but was betrayed and killed by his own comrades. However, he had a twin brother who returns back to get revenge for this brother.

With his knowledge of the future and his exceptional combat skills, Yeon-woo sets out to climb the Tower, a place where the strongest warriors gather and where the secrets of his world are hidden. It is one of the best manhwa where mc is a necromancer of all time.

15. SSS Class Suicide Hunter

SSS Class Suicide Hunter manhwa where mc is a necromancer

SSS Class Suicide Hunter is a South Korean webtoon series written by Hyeon-Kyeong Ryu and illustrated by Gyeong-Su Park. The story follows Kang Chan, a man who wanted an ability so badly that he could even die for it.

But one day he really is able to get an SSS class ability. But upon its use, the main character will have to die. When he really sets his mind to using the ability he finds out that after death he is able to return back 1 day in time. It’s a really good manhwa where mc is a necromancer.

14. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero manga where mc is a necromancer

The protagonist of this manhwa was one of the strongest warriors of the strongest guild in the world “The Messiah Guild”, But when he was really close to getting rid of the dungeons to save the world. He is killed by his own guild members who hid many secrets from him.

After dying the protagonist returns back in time and sets out in the world to have his revenge. he uses his future knowledge to its full capacity. It is one of the best dungeon manga where mc is a necromancer.

13. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect The Dungeon

The main protagonist of this manhwa was just a normal skeleton monster who was entrusted with protecting a dungeon. But one-day humans invaded the dungeon which leads to the death of all the monsters in the dungeon. After a few days after that incident, the skeleton revives on its own and awakens a special characteristic.

It is one of the best dungeon manga with necromancer mc to read. The story of this manhwa is well-written and even the art is really good. Do try it out of you haven’t read this masterpiece yet.

12. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling manhwa

One of the main reasons for the popularity of manga with necromancer mc has been solo leveling. This manhwa features a protagonist who was a very weak hunter. But one day he awakens a system after a certain incident that allows him to get stronger really quickly and helps him throughout his way.

Overall it is one of the best manhwa to read and because of its popularity, the studio had to continue releasing it even after it got completed. So if you have not read then what are you doing go read it right now.

11. Boundless Necromancer

Boundless Necromancer

The whole family of the protagonist gets killed when dungeons started appearing in the world. This leads to the main character being devasted and he decides to become a hunter. But even after many years of putting in work to get stronger, he didn’t get any stronger instead he got humiliated and kicked out of the training center.

The main character after having multiple failures in life sees a system panel that upon clicking transfers him to a world he needs to continue fighting to get stronger otherwise he would die. It is a really good manga with necromancer mc that has recently been released.

10. Blind Faith Descent

Blind Faith Descent manga with necromancer mc

The main character Shiron was one of the slaves in the city of Joran which was also the capital of Noah. Shiron was considered a slave but what people didn’t know was that he was training to be a great necromancer with the help of another vice necromancer known as Yay Natal. So that he will be able to fight on even grounds with knights and also have his long-awaited revenge as one of the chosen children of Chronos.

The art of this manhua is average and the story of this manhwa takes place in the history of the Arman empire. It is a really good manhwa where mc is a necromancer.

9. White Necromancer Road to Necromancer King

White Necromancer Road to Necromancer King manga

The main character Thoru Kurumain died at the age of 15 due to an illness but he was reborn into a different world. When he was reborn as a baby he was adopted by an old man who was living on the outskirt of the village and after that, he grew up with a brother known as Ghillie. Later he also comes to know that the world he was in right now is an RPG game war chronicles of the deci grid that he used to play in his previous life.

His goal is to become a necromancer and in order to do that he has to be level 50. It is a really good manga with necromancer mc to try out.

8. Dungeon House

Dungeon House manga

Kim Hyun Buok was just an average ordinary person until one day his apartment door got connected to a dungeon and as a result, he got trapped in a studio apartment. After gathering enough courage he decided to enter the dungeon but when he met real goblins he was beaten up and due to this he barely survived. After having a near-death experience he shuts himself in his room and asked for help which also yields no result.

Later he comes across a dungeon webpage in an online forum and also finds out that there are other people like him who are going through a similar situation. The main protagonist of this manhwa awakens as a necromancer and uses his skill to survive this catastrophe.

7. The Executed Sage is Reincarnated as a Lich and Starts an all-out war

The Executed Sage is Reincarnated as a Lich and Starts an all-out war

Dwilight along with his friend Claire Baton also known as the hero together defeated the demon lord who sank the whole world into darkness. But after defeating the demon king and bringing the world to peace they were falsely accused of becoming the next demon lord because of their power and were thrown into the valley of the dead.

But after a long period of time even after being thrown into the valley of death Dwilight did not die instead he takes a strange form of undead. After gaining power that even surpasses the previous demon king he vows to take revenge because of his grudge against the world. It is a good necromancy manga where mc seeks revenge.

6. The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years manga

Diablo Wolfie a mighty magician was sealed for eons due to the schemes made by the 12 gods to entrap him. He ends up suffering but after finding his way through the crack of the barrier which was opened up after eternity he was reborn as a baby of the elder son of seldom kingdom’s family.

The main character of this manhwa is ruthless and also uses his previous life knowledge in order to get stronger. The art of this manhwa is also good and the pacing of the story is also perfect it is neither too fast nor slow. I highly suggest you read this manhwa where mc is a necromancer.

5. Death Mage who doesn’t want a Fourth Time

Death Mage who doesn't want a Fourth Time manga

Amamiya Hiroto was an unlucky high schooler he died while trying to save a girl he barely knew on a school trip. After his death, he met the god of reincarnation who requested he and the other passengers be reincarnated into another world. Yet due to an unfortunate accident, he gets reincarnated in another world with even lesser luck than before. But his second life was far worse than his first life and eventually, it came to a cruel end.

However, even after his second death he again meets the god for the second time and was informed that he would be yet reincarnated another time. Hiroto was once again reborn as a half vampire half dark elf not wanting a fourth time he is determined to live his third life with the only things remaining from his previous lives. It is one of the best manga where mc is a necromancer.

4. The Lone Necromancer

The Lone Necromancer manhwa

The world gets invaded by monsters that eat people and make dungeons in the buildings. In order to survive in this apocalyptic world everyone gets to choose a class and get skills to fight these monsters. The protagonist sung woo chose a necromancer class in order to fight the invading monster’s army with an army of his own.

This is a very unique manhwa where both the art style and the storyline is different compared to another manhwa of the same genre. Do try out this manga where mc is a necromancer if you haven’t yet.

3. Seoul Station Necromancer

Seoul Station Necromancer manhwa

The former high schooler Kang Yujin returns to earth 20 years after being forcibly summoned to a different planet. He soon finds out that earth was invaded by monsters and it is not the same planet he used to know. Now using his future knowledge he gets back on the path to becoming the strongest necromancer.

The main character of this manhwa has a system and also his previous life knowledge using those he quickly becomes overpowered and gets closer to finding out the truth. It is one of the best manhwa where mc is a necromancer.

2. Necromancer Survival

Necromancer Survival manhwa

One day gates suddenly started appearing all over the world and people were divided into two types. People who were able to awaken their powers were known as users and those who weren’t able to use powers remained as ordinary humans. Our main character Lee Kyung was able to awaken as a user but in a momentary misjudgment, he chose the class necromancer which was considered the worst of all classes.

One day Lee Kyung was searching for material in order to evolve his skeleton servant lackey. He finds out that the material he was searching for was in the tower of spirit dungeon loot. But when he arrived in the tower of spirit he discovered the hidden conspiracy between the top three hunters.

Lee Kyung desperately desperate to survive forms a contract with a vengeful spirit in order to get out of the dungeon alive. It is a really good necromancy manga to try out.

1. The Previous Life Murim Ranker

The Previous Life Murim Ranker manhwa

Gang Tae was one of the strongest hunters in the whole world. He was an ss class necromancer who was considered undefeatable even among the top rankers. After clearing a high-level dungeon alone he was betrayed and killed by his guild master. But instead of dying normally, he gets reincarnated into the body of Yusian. Later finds out that he was in a different world where martial arts determined one’s position.

This is an awesome reincarnation manhwa both its art and its storyline is very good. The main character gets strong very quickly using the powers of his previous life. He is also smart and plans everything he does. So if you are looking for one of the best manga where mc is a necromancer then look no further than this one.


Over the years we have seen many manga with necromancer mc coming out. In this article, we have listed down some of the best manga where mc is a necromancer. This is not a completed list it will still be updated over time when more of those manhwa keeps coming out.

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